Knowing what is important

Take a look at this jewel from the west side city representative:

One of the most important functions of your City is to collect taxes and fund/support projects that benefit the community as a whole.

At least we know where he stands.

Evidently he feels that we should be grateful for his efforts:

Making these projects a priority in District 1 come from endless hours of advocacy on behalf of its residents and working with our City Manager, Mayor and other council members.

We deserve better


18 Responses to Knowing what is important

  1. Max says:

    Well there you have it! Peter says government is primarily for taxing and funding “projects”. VOTE HIM OUT!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    These so-called “Representatives” don’t REPRESENT anything, anybody except what they can get, take for themselves, from US. Their sole “Purpose” is to collect taxes, increase taxes, find more stuff to tax. Anybody here ever hear of a TAX CUT?? THEY do nothing for the PEOPLE of El Taxo. They go to “work” each day, SOMETIMES, climb up on their little pedestal and dictate to US “Stupid, ignorant peons”. Majority of US have no idea of what THEY do to US. SECRET meetings, closed doors, SECRET deals. Lie, deny, deceive. How much MONEY gets stuffed in THEIR back pockets, campaign “Donations”, by Developers, big bizness, the local idle rich, for baseball fields, trolleys, Arenas?? What the PEOPLE of El Taxo need is a State Attorney General, an F.B.I. detachment assigned to City Hall. Inherent corruption .


  3. John Dungan says:

    Sure don’t sound like his campaign rhetoric, does it? Nor, does it sound like what I always thought (from taking Civics courses in public schools) was the function of any government entity.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to the Internet and access to plenty of information, the people of El Paso know the truth about the individuals that have taken over our city government. The guys putting their “boot” on our necks will be dead in twenty years or so. So will many of the people that have been forced tho pay all this tax. These people that have taken over the government should be ashamed of themselves. The truth is they led uninformed voters to vote for their bonds by sending out flyers with buses with windows broken out and leading people to think they were interested in the people that live in this community. If that was true, the business men of this community would have invested in the people who live here. That is the great resource of this area, the people. I am so tired of shortsighted, uncreative, limited, poor design. We do deserve better! I pray for resolution, if justice exists, let it come.


    • Anonymous says:

      With El Taxo the ONLY Justice here for the people, the taxpayers, is “Just Us”, that means THEM, the politicians and the idle rich of El Taxo that OWN THEM.


  5. calling bs says:

    “projects that benefit the community as a whole”?

    then, where’s our piece of the ballpark profits?

    and why do they keep giving both tax breaks AND tax dollars to developers and businesses?


    • Anonymous says:

      But, but, but just look at all the JOBS that John Cook, Wilson, City Council PROMISED wuz coming with the City Council. Mountain Star Sports, Hunt, Foster ball field. “Pop corn, cold beer, ice cold beer, sweep up, mop up, rake the field”. $5 bucks an hour for 2-4 hours work. And then the golf park. Now with any “Luck”, El Pasoans that need JOBS can look forward to the Mayors, City Councils, Mountain Star Sports, Soccer Field, Arena, out door horse shoe pit, beer garden, marble-shooting pits, etc,etc. There is no end to the SCAMS, the CONS that El Taxo politicians, there “Financiers, sugar daddies” will work on the PEOPLE, TAXPAYERS of El Taxo.


  6. Judy Maddox says:

    I didn’t vote for him

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  7. Mike Schwartz says:

    The problem is a replacement for him or any other City Council member.It has become difficult to run for office. Various forms to be filled out, validated, fees to be paid, affidavits to be acquired. Then if the existing “party” doesn’t think you’ll go along with their views, their candidate runs a negative campaign and suddenly has millions to advertise, meet&greet, flyers etc. And you find your sources have been insulted, denigrated, threatened, bullied, etc. Then on election day, mysteriously all these folks come out of the woodwork to vote for the favorite son/daughter. And you’re lucky if they count the votes of your family.

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    • Anonymous says:

      For more than 25 years have always wondered about the election “Out comes, results” here. Many, most(?) times just made no sense at all . Did people really vote for THIS person? Did people really vote FOR themselves a MULTI-Million$$$ tax INCREASE, vote for MILLIONS, BILLIONS$$ in Bonds? Vote to BUY a ball field for a local BILLIONAIRE?? Vote for people who LIE, DECEIVE you?? Pre-determined election “Results”??. How did this PASS? Nothing ever gets better in El Taxo no matter how much stuff THEY force US to buy for THEM. The only thing that ever changes in El Taxo is the NAMES of the people who lie to US, deceive US, tax US. “Representatives of the PEOPLE”??


    • Facts Straightener says:

      No one spends “millions” on an El Paso city council campaign.


      • Mike Schwartz says:

        Probably not, but with all the promises made to various entities, who knows?


      • Anonymous says:

        No, but they are spending six figures in some cases. And that boost in spending trend started happening back when the initial q of l bond issue got passed. Why exactly would be donors get involved in city council races? Construction contracts? Tax incentives? Property sales? Favorable zoning ruling? Lopsided public private partnerships? All of the above? If we want more choice in who is running for mayor and council we don’t need to increase salaries. We need to cap the money that can be spent on the campaign to $10k or so. That would level the playing field again. Right now the salary increase just rewards our donor class’ handpicked useful idiots.


  8. Tom Busch says:

    Misdirection, misinformation, half truths and out and out lies. Please take twenty minutes out of your day and google the Stockton, California bankruptcy. We are on an identical path. I hope you all plan on dying in the houses you live in. At this rate you’ll never be able to sell them.


    • Ditto says:

      You’re 100% correct. During the early days of the downtown ballpark fiasco, I encouraged readers of this blog to look at Stockton. Everything about Stockton’s implosion is identical to our own recent history and current events. Our government leaders and those profiting from all these stupid moves have chosen to ignore Stockton’s problems.


      • Charles R. Dickerson says:

        Exactly right.  Trying to get rid of my  home of  25 years now, just to get the hell out of El Taxo.  NEW home, Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock.   Lower payments, LESS taxes, LESS Cost of Living, better quality of life.  Places to go, things to do.  Austin, Dallas, Ft Worth,  San  Antonio, Texas  coast.   The bad thing as was mentioned is the selling.  Expect to take THOUSANDS of dollars loss between the fabricated, inflated   Central Appraisal “Value” and the ACTUAL value.  Retirees, especially  Military , NO ONE  should  ever buy a home in El Taxo.


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