School safety tip

We have not read this safety tip in the coverage relating to the recent death of a mother in a school parking lot:

When around our schools lower all of your windows so that you can better hear what is around you.

We deserve better


9 Responses to School safety tip

  1. Anonymous says:

    The better advice might be stay away from confused drivers and assign enough officials to parking lot duty first day of school to deal help deal with first day confusion. And most importantly, if you are behind the wheel, take it slow. This was a sad incident that shouldn’t have happened.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a Retiree, a Vet and I walk past 3 schools everyday. One school ls less than 5 minutes walk, two others within 15 minutes from my home. The El Paso crazy “Drivers mentality” is definitely in the school ZONES. SPEEDING, letting kids out, putting them into cars on street-side while double parked, U turns, open doors, CELL phones, cell phones, cell phones while driving. Moms, Dads having a “Community meeting” around their cars. Don’t know what happened in the mentioned incident, but not surprising it happened at a school, in a school zone. Every now and then see a Police Patrol. Apparently the Mayor, City Council, Sheriff Wiles have better things for them to do. They don’t put them on the highways, streets. Maybe they are guarding the Mayor, City Councils ball field?? Mostly see Texas State Troopers stopping violators, enforcing the laws.

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    • Helen Marshall says:

      Sheriff Wales is not in charge of the police cars…that’s Chief Allen.


      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the “Enlightenment”. Sheriff WILES is in “Charge” of the Sheriffs Department. Have seen Deputies around schools on some occasions. EPISD is located in El Paso County. They are also the Sheriff’s RESPONSIBILITY. Right now, seems SCHOOLS, safety are nobody’s RESPONSIBILITY and DPS Troopers pick up El Paso City RESPONSIBILITY, because the El Paso POLITICIANS have NO money for POLICE.


        • Facts Straightener says:

          Wrong! DPS troopers patrol have always patrolled state highways inside city limits. That includes Mesa, which is a state highway. Be glad they do.


          • Charles R. Dickerson says:

            Wrong ! ! If you haven’t SEEN the DPS Troopers around schools, on City streets, then you don’t know.  I have seen them.  


  3. DUH says:

    How about this: Always keep in mind:
    The left pedal is the brake, the right pedal is the accelrator.


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