Will this be next?

With the city considering slapping a franchise tax on our water utility for using our roads (which by the way they repair whenever they cause a problem), what will be next?

Will they next impose “franchise fees” on

  • Sun Metro for running empty buses
  • The airport for letting airplanes use our runways
  • The school districts for running school buses around

Will they charge us for driving our vehicles on city streets?

Where will this end?

We deserve better


8 Responses to Will this be next?

  1. John Dungan says:

    Well, the City already charges airport landing fees, and we all pay an extra fee with our vehicle registration for county roads and bridges, so this particular overkill will definitely not work.


  2. Anonymous says:

    El Taxo is broke, busted, bankrupt, BILLIONS$$$$ in DEBT and no way to pay it. THEY have to beg, borrow, steal every dime, penny THEY can from US, take as much as THEY can and then figure out how to take MORE from US.. Maybe it would help if they COLLECTED the MILLIONS$$ in traffic fines OWED? Are maybe if THEY stopped hiring, hunting for MILLION$$$ politicians, Public Officials, “Capet baggers” from OUTSIDE El Taxo? Maybe if THEY stopped giving away taxpayer money to big business to bribe them for Campaign “Donations”? The only thing that ever changes in El Taxo is the names of the people who take from US and do NOTHING for US. WE deserve better. WE just never get better.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The swamp needs to be drained. El Paso was ripe for the picking. Like all crook/ politicians, opportunity presented itself and they stepped on the gas. People get out and vote! Let’s go back to accountability and some semblance of decency. It is about the people who live in a community, the people who make the place .


    • Anonymous says:

      Truer words……………….In over 25 years here, It’s been my experience that the MAJORITY of the Public Officials, Politicians here want the positions, “Jobs” to enrich themselves and whoever, whatever THEY do “Represent”. THEY move office to office, chair to chair and still do NOTHING for the PEOPLE. The one EXCEPTION I always remember is the Haggerty family. They do their best against all the other odds. “Elections have consequences”. And in El Paso the “Result, consequence” of voting in local elections is always BAD. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more, is all WE ever get from THEM..


      • Riff Raff says:

        The Haggerty’s weren’t all peaches and cream. They regularly positioned themselves to make a profit on real estate deals they brokered. Dan was the worst. He positioned himself as a man of the people, but if you looked at his voting record, he was also a man of 21st Century Real Estate.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Along with the trolleys can we also have a Ferris wheel ?


    • Anonymous says:

      They are called eyes now. Don’t give the tax and spenders more ideas. Besides the expense, erecting something that gives you a bird’s eye view of pollution and cardboard shacks in Juarez won’t be draw to anyone.


  5. Gasp says:

    Rumor has it that city council wants to hire a consulting firm to study the idea of taxing us for the air we breathe.


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