Unpaid bills

According to the city’s own numbers at the end of August 2017 our net pension liability was $540,851,229.

Our water utility had another $43,921,002 that it will owe their pension fund.

Add to that another $59,380,465 that the city categorizes as “unpaid absences” or sick and vacation pay that has been earned but not paid out to the employees.

That comes to over half of one year’s budget that we will have to come up with eventually.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Unpaid bills

  1. Anonymous says:

    BILLIONS$$$ in debt, an almost BILLION$$$ “Budget”. THEY can’t even afford to put Police on the streets, fund their retirements. And yet THEY give the out-of-town carpet baggers like the City “Manager” outrageous, exorbitant pay INCREASES. Pay-off, bribe people to FIRE them. Does ANYBODY in El Taxo understand that just like their ball field, everything THEY want, WE will be forced to pay for it?? Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. Where are the protests, POLITICIAN Recalls?? Just a BANKRUPT town, El Taxo ! !


  2. Disgusted says:

    The accrued vacation pay liability is a simple case of bad management. They should not let employees build up years worth of unused vacation. I guess the employees didn’t really need vacations when they only worked a 4-day week, which they did until 2018. In the real world, many employers say use it or lose it.


    • Chico says:

      another approach is to mandate that a certain number of days are used each year. this is done by other governmental entities.


    • Anonymous says:

      In the Federal Government, Border Enforcement jobs, employees were allowed to accrue a MAXIMUM of 60 days annual leave. At the end of the physical year all over 60 days was lost. There was no limit on accrued Sick Leave, but it also was NOT paid on Retirement, Separation. The Government paid a MAXIMUM of 60 days accrued Annual Leave on Separation, Retirement.. In El Taxo the politicians, “Planners”, “Managers” are just not capable of figuring this out. Put “Caps” on Leave time accrued. It’s just easier to INCREASE TAXES every year on ALL of US for what THEY owe the employees. “It’s only money, MILLIONS$$$, THEY can take from US. No money for Retirement Funds, no money to put Police on the streets, no money to pay the BILLIONS$$$ in Bills THEY owe..


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