Employee savings plan

One of the problems with the city allowing employees to accumulate unused vacation and sick days until they retire is that the city pays them out at the employee’s current pay rate, not the rate the employee was paid when they got the days.

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  1. james walter peterson says:

    At retirement, for a regular City employee, one will be paid out up to 400 hours of vacation leave. Anything over 400 hours an employee must use or lose.
    Sick leave, for a regular City employee, does not get paid out. Accumulated Sick leave counts as additional service time. For every 21 days of accumulated sick leave an employee is awarded anot additional month of service.
    I do not know what kind of deal police and fire or contracted City employees get.
    Do not lump all City retirees into on batch.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    The city cannot afford to pay into Police, Firemen Retirement Funds and yet they do stupid policies like this. Federal employees are allowed to accrue 60 days of Annual Leave each year. All unused OVER 60 days, is LOST on one October each year. When they leave, Retire they are paid for any accrued Annual Leave. Accrual of Sick Leave is NOT limited, but is also NOT paid on departure. People do get long term injuries, illnesses. The biggest burden on taxpayers in El Taxo, is the people who are SUPPOSED to REPRESENT US. They are incapable of intelligent thought, logic, managing anything.. Their “answer” for everything is to TAX the working people, home owners MORE, MORE, MORE. Billions$$$ in debt and no way to every pay it, so THEY just keep wasting, taxing, spending.


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