False argument

We have heard talk around town to the effect that the recall petition (of the mayor) being circulated will not be effective even if the required number of signatures are collected.

The theory is that the petition will not be submitted until after the deadline for placing items on the November election.

The city charter required council to pass a recall ordinance back when the charter was approved by the voters.

Council did pass the recall ordinance (number 008066 ) on June 5, 1984.

It reads:

“If the petition shall be found sufficient, the City Clerk shall submit the petition to the City Council without delay, and the City Council, in the event the officer fails to resign, shall order that the recall election be held at the next permitted election date under the laws of Texas.”

If the petition does not make it in before the cutoff for the November election then it will have to be considered at the next election date.

The next “Texas uniform election date” after the November election  will be the first Saturday in May, 2019.

We deserve better


4 Responses to False argument

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s how it works in El Taxo. THEY make “Laws”, Rules to protect THEMSELVES, their positions. No matter how bad THEY are, what THEY do to US, WE can’t fire THEM, get rid of THEM. Next election the lies, deception, denials, promises will start again, just so THEY can stay there. If YOU are not satisfied with your Rep, don’t vote for THEM. THEY will not get better just because THEY got re-elected. Once THEY get a foot in the door, WE are stuck with THEM. That’s what their RULES, “Laws” are for. To protect THEM.


  2. Grow Up says:

    Ha, ha! I am tired of the recall petitions. Every time someone becomes disenchanted with a mayor or council member, they scream recall. Recall is for gross negligence, neglect of duty and other heinous acts. It is not because the elected official breaks a campaign promise. If that were so, we would have recalled Beto years ago.


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