Call for information

The candidates for city council have been quiet.

Do any of our readers have some input?

We would be interested to hear what the candidates have to say and if they send us a post we will publish it (as long as it is tasteful and not personal).

We deserve better


12 Responses to Call for information

  1. The Oracle says:

    By staying quiet . . . . they don’t have to answer to/for anything and the small dribbling of voters will vote straight Democrat anyway.


  2. I have been far from silent. If you would like to follow my activities and opinions, you may follow me here:

    If you would like to see my platform, volunteer to assist my campaign, or make a contribution, you may do so here:

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    • Fed Up says:

      If a tree falls in the forest with no ears to hear does it make a sound?

      Your response is typical of what is already wrong with local government. Your first reaction is to tell the person they are wrong rather than asking yourself why that is their perception, considering their input, and then asking what you could do to improve the situation.


  3. Xavier Miranda says:

    Arrangements have been finalized to host the District 1 and District 8 candidate forums, with 7 of 9 candidates having confirmed attendance. This is non-partisan event, and is open to the public.

    District 1 El Paso City Council Candidate Forum
    Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018
    Time: 1 PM to 3 PM
    Place: Doris Van Doren Public Library, 551 E. Redd RD 79912

    District 8 El Paso City Council Candidate Forum
    Date: Saturday, October 13, 2018
    Time: 1 PM to 3 PM
    Place: Armijo Public Library, 620 E. 7th AV 79901

    The following candidates have personally confirmed attendance to our forums:

    District 1

    Dr. Rick Bonart
    Carlos Corral
    Roni Frescas

    District 8

    Greg Baines
    Dylan Corbett
    Nicholas Vasquez
    Richard Wright

    Ironically, City Council representatives Peter Svarzbein and Cissy Lizarraga have yet to respond to the invitation, despite personal phone calls being made. Their lack of response is indicative of the way they represent

    Additionally, the following grassroots organizations have graciously agreed to send a representative to serve on the panel that will ask questions of the candidates:

    Lincoln Park CC—Hector Gonzalez and Miguel Juarez

    Familias Unidas Del Chamizal—Hilda Villegas

    ADAPT—Josue Rodriguez

    Eco-El Paso–Shelby Ruff
    Save Durangito/Pueblo Del Sur-Jose Quintero, David Romo

    Finally, just a brief reminder of our El Paso Grassroots Community Picnic on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at Lincoln Park, from 11 AM to 1 PM. Officials from the El Paso Elections Department will conduct a training for folks wishing to be deputized as voter registrants. Join us and socialize with folks who have been advocating for our diverse community.

    Best Regards,

    Xavier Miranda
    El Paso Grassroots


    • Xavier Miranda says:

      My apologies, please disregard the inclusion of Eco El Paso, they chose not to enter the political fray.

      Xavier Miranda


    • Standing alone says:

      Doesn’t sound very grassroots to me with the Democrats doing the training. But,, what difference. Council races are not listed by political party, thank goodness. The worst thing anyone can say about any candidate is that they’re a Republican. We could simplify the state and county races by eliminating Republican from the ballot. El Pasoans would never notice. They vote by party only.


      • Charles R. Dickerson says:

        Texas needs to do what New Mexico did. Take the straight Party option OFF the ballots.  Voters don’t have to READ, know anything about candidates, decide  anything, whose BAD, whose GOOD,  which candidate will actually REPRESENT THEM and doesn’t just want the job for the MONEY, influence.   In El Taxo it’s a case of “Vote for the DEMOCRAT of your choice”  Try to pick the ONE, who is not as BAD as the others.   NO Republican, Independent in El Taxo can get elected to anything.  People just don’t want to understand that Democrat “Rule” in states, cities, El Taxo is the reason that WE are  subjected to constant FABRICATED, INFLATED Property “Value” INCREASES, all ways followed by more tax INCREASES.  That is how  the Central Appraisal District is USED by El Taxo politicians.  Tax, waste, spend, tax more.  Bankrupt, broke, BILLIONS$$ in debt.  That is El Taxo and NOTHING ever gets better for the PEOPLE..


        • Truth says:

          Dee Margo is a Republican and he got elected Mayor.


          • Anonymous says:

            Ah but Margo didn’t TELL anybody he was a Republican. All the campaign signs were “Dee Margo for Mayor”. He is a “Known name” , a career politician. And of course once he got elected, he’s just along for the ride with City Council, City “Manager”. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more, doing NOTHING for the PEOPLE of El Taxo..


  4. Anonymous says:

    My question BEFORE I vote: Are you going to REPRESENT the PEOPLE, do what is BEST for THEM or you just another politician that will represent YOUR own interest, big business, people who stuff money in YOUR pockets to “Go along, get” along, do what is BEST for THEM? Will YOU just CONTINUE to waste, tax, spend, tax, waste some more??


  5. Jeff says:

    The writing is on the wall for those who care to put down the iPhone or xBox controller, the so called El Paso Times (USA Today), and think about what is actually about to occur. Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming local, state, and national elections, El Paso home / property / business owners are looking at years of relentless increases in local taxes, utilities, franchise fees, and (of course it’s just a coincidence) upward re-appraisals by Central Appraisal. EPISD is just getting warmed up to embark on yet another round (remember 2016?) of taxpayer funded wastage. So yeah, as others have mentioned, for the local politicians its just better to hush up, stay quiet, fly low, let the local media flock like hungry pigeons to the convenient poop-storm at national level. Then the less local people who own property will know about or be motivated to go out and vote to address the issues that REALLY WILL affect them right here in the ‘ol bank account.


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