Just plain dumb

Can this be true?


According to the Examiner, O’Rourke’s campaign had rented out a Veteran of Foreign Affairs Hall for a campaign rally in Navasota, TX, and requested that the VFW Post 4006 Commander Carl Dry take down the American flags in his building ahead of the event.

From the Navasota Examiner:

“I do not normally attend rental events, but I attended Saturday to make sure things ran smoothly,” said Dry, who noted there were only two requests he could not allow at the VFW Post. “They wanted to open the doors (to the Flight Deck Lounge) and I couldn’t allow that and they wanted to take the flags down, I didn’t only say no, I said hell no, you don’t take the flags off the wall. I can’t believe any American would ask us to do that and I don’t know why he wanted them down or what he was going to put up instead.”


We deserve better


27 Responses to Just plain dumb

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was reported overtwo weeks ago, i wonder why it isn’t common knowledge by now? Media suppression…

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    • Anonymous says:

      Who else but event organizers would be asking to rearrange the hall at the beginning of an event? The request was made twice by two different people. The only point of vagueness was who they were. While the campaign manager may be denying they would do that, the reality is that types of folks who would be volunteering for Beto likely would see no downside in making that request if they needed space.


      • makes no sense says:

        And a Cruz supporter who works at the VFW would see now downside in making an accusation that cannot be disproven.

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        • Anonymous says:

          Beto is his own worst enemy. If he was a moderate Democrat, he would be mopping the floor with Cruz right now. But his political lean to the far left scares moderates more than Cruz. I’m not a Cruz supporter, but I will vote for him because I see him as the least bad of two bad choices. And I suspect that most of Cruz’s votes will be folks who simply are fed up with liberal policies.


  2. bob paluzi says:

    Our campaign absolutely did not request that any flags be removed or taken down from the walls. It is incorrect to say that we did. We have hosted dozens of town halls in VFW posts across the state and always ensure that the flags are prominently and respectfully displayed. As a senior member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, the Vice Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, and the Congressman for one of the largest military communities in the country, Beto is proud to have our flag displayed at events.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    What about O’Rourke’s very public condemnation of law enforcement as the “new Jim Crowe”? I guess that video of him is fake, too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=917nXTYHY60


    • JerryK says:

      Beto seems stuck in the first half of the last century. “This awful thing happened – Jim Crow, slavery, slaughter of Indians, no alphabet soup allowed – and no one he’s talking to was even alive then. It’s as if the Left has to deomonize America history to legtimize themselves.

      Well, it’s only appropriate because it was the Democrats who were the party of the Old South, not the GOP. They ended slavery.


  4. frater jason says:

    There is a saying in journalism that if a headline asks a question (“Can this be true?”) then the answer is “NO”.

    There is another saying that some stories are too good to check. 15 seconds of googling showed the campaign denied the accusation but the denial was not published in the story you quoted.

    As a wise man once said, “we deserve better”.

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  5. frater jason says:

    IMO, racist cops are the ones who “betray police officers”, as the hyperbolic GOP War Room channel put it. They also betray the public and their oath.

    The problem will continue until good cops quit covering for bad cops.


  6. epkamikazi says:

    How was this a story when the VFW Grand Poiba said he didn’t know WHY they wanted the flags or WHAT they were going to put up in it’s place?

    Those are the type of open ended accusations that Beto’s opponents supporters are drooling over… perhaps Beto should make comments about “Lying” Ted’s wife’s looks or accuse his father of assassination to get their support!


  7. BabyApe says:

    I am not Cruz”s biggest fan but I will vote for him because of the things Beto has said and done of the last year. I am a veteran and an American. In my mind he is an un American liberal socialist and I will never let that happen to our country


    • Jeff says:

      Can’t agree more.


    • frater jason says:

      I am a veteran and an American. Dissent and discussion are absolutely American, and necessary to democracy.

      It is ironic that folks braying loudest about “socialism”:
      1. gladly cash those govt benefit checks.
      2. don’t make a peep about POTUS sucking up to ACTUAL socialist tyrants. FFS, the GOP would have crucified someone for doing that in the Cold War.

      Now it’s “socialism” as bogeyman and talking point rather than socialism as an actual force in the world. If we want to fight socialism we should start with our own federal programs. Or is that a little close to the bone? “Keep your government hands off my medicare”, amirite?

      I look forward to the rebirth of the principled GOP. Who will be the modern William F. Buckley, Jr who will cast out the wingnuts and extremists?


    • CJ says:

      Agree with you.


  8. makes no sense says:

    “just plain dumb” is a biased headline. It presumes Beto’s campaign to be guilty. You’re picking sides in a he said she said disagreement. If you really cared whether it is true or untrue, you would not write a headline which infers guilt.

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  9. Jeff says:

    Yet another example of a politician and staff who dislike the constitution and have disdain for the premise that the country was founded under.


    • frater jason says:

      Please elaborate on the constitutional angle here.


      • John Conwell says:

        I’m thinking it was this:

        The delegates to the Constitutional Convention finally agreed the Three Fifths Compromise, that slaves should be counted at three fifths of their real number. The Three Fifths Compromise resolved the issue of counting slaves towards population in regards to representation in the House of Representatives.


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