District 1 candidate forum

This came in from Xavier Miranda:

Dear Xavier,

Just a friendly reminder of our upcoming

El Paso Grassroots City Council Candidate Forum for District 1 on Saturday, October 13.
Although folks may not reside in this district, commonly shared issues indeed impact our entire community; i.e., displacement, healthcare and disability services, taxation without representation in terms of issuing Certificates of Obligation, eliminating the City Manager model, environmental disregard and nuclear waste disposal developments, misappropriation of Quality of Life bond money, and TIRZs development.  
Based on input from the District 8 candidate forum, current entities that drive El Paso’s economic and municipal development are the very ones that community organizations identify as significant obstacles.
Local billionaires Woody Hunt and Paul Foster, as well as The BorderPlex Alliance/Paso Del Norte Group, MountainStar Sports Group, the Hunt Institute of Energy and Economic Development, CREEED, and the El Paso Electric Company wield significant influence on current city council representatives and Mayor Dee Margo, evident in current city policies reflecting and benefiting their interests.
Unfortunately, current city council representatives Cissy Lizarraga and Peter Svarzvbein have opted to disregard personal invitations to attend our community forums. Their recent support of the salary increase for the City Manager, the mayor,  and themselves is of concern.
Additionally, Lizarraga and Svarzbein support Mayor Margo in the razing of Durangito, the establishment of various TIRZs, issuing Certificates of Obligations, and the placement of the Mexican American Cultural Center at the Main Library. Authentic representation of constituents by these two incumbents is sorely lacking.
Please consider attending the next forum:
Event:      District 1 EP City Council Candidate Forum
Date:       Saturday, October 13, 2018
Time:      1 PM to 3 PM
Place:      Armijo Library, Mural Room
    620 E. 7th ST 79901
3 of the 4 Candidates that have already confirmed attendance:

** Peter Svarzbein has been advised by campaign managers not to participate in community forums in order to avoid “hardball” questions.

The following panelists have been allotted 20 minute segments during the forum to use as they deem appropriate:
  • Renewable Energy Advocate Shelby Ruff
Thank you for consideration given this message.
Link to the FB event for the forum:
Best Regards,
Xavier Miranda
El Paso Grassroots

One Response to District 1 candidate forum

  1. more of the same says:

    People need to throw out some questions in response to this letter and see if Xavier responds. It’s been more than two weeks since Corbett’s letter was posted and he is yet to respond to any of our questions or comments.


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