New numbers?

This came in from Max Grossman:

Dear Friends,

I have attached the latest statistics from the City of El Paso detailing the huge cost overruns on twelve QOL bond projects:

FACILITY                                              ORIGINAL                        SUPPLEMENT                 OVER

                                                             BUDGET ($)                        FROM COs               BUDGET (%)

Irving Schwartz Library                    2,150,000                               199,000                                9.26

Johnson Basin Park                              412,664                                 58,000                              14.06

Radford Park                                         992,158                                 27,000                                2.72

San Jacinto Plaza                               3,000,000                           3,310,000                           110.33

Argal Park at Las Palmas                  5,000,000                              521,000                              10.42

Eastside Sports Complex                48,000,000                        11,600,000                              24.17

Westside Pool                                    8,000,000                           2,356,000                              29.45

Chelsea Aquatic Center                    4,000,000                           3,100,000                              77.50

Forti Aquatic Center                         4,000,000                           3,400,000                              85.00

Childrens Museum                          19,250,000                        20,800,000                            108.05

Hispanic Cultural Center                  5,750,000                         10,750,000                            186.96

MPC (“Arena”)                              180,000,000                         70,000,000                               38.89

TOTAL                                  $280,554,822                $126,121,000                    44.95%

We all recall that the original bond proposition, which appeared on the ballot in 2012, called for an expenditure of $475,250,000. That figure has so far been inflated to $601,371,000! The cost overrun on the three “signature” projects alone is $101,550,000 (49.54%)! It is hard to imagine more irresponsible management of public projects, and yet KVIA is the only media network to investigate thoroughly.

Every single El Pasoan should be outraged at our City Manager, Mayor and City Council for bringing us to this point, and yet they continue to insist that we need to spend more money than authorized because “we deserve better!” And where will the extra funds come from? Certificates of obligation (new debt) issued without voter approval. And how will the additional debt be paid for? Higher taxes!

There are three incumbents up for re-election in November: Peter Svarzbein (District 1), Claudia Ordaz-Perez (District 6) and Cissy Lizarraga (District 8). All three own the above figures and all three are being challenged by El Pasoans with significantly more fiscal acumen and management experience.

Have a great day.

9 Responses to New numbers?

  1. Anonymous says:

    BILLIONS$$$ in debt. BANKRUPT and no way to ever pay ANY of it, except to constantly fabricate, inflate Property Values, always followed by more TAX INCREASES. The City Council members that are up for re-election should be kicked out. The others, Margo and that MULTI-MILLION$$$ City “Manager”, should be RECALLED, FIRED. THEY don’t represent US, THEY only represent themselves and whatever THEY can take from US. Lies and deception.


  2. you can't make this stuff up says:

    Speaking of spending money the District 1 rep is a friggin idiot. The streetcars aren’t even in service yet and he is looking for more ways to spend money on improvements along the streetcar route. He and his friends must own property along the route. He needs to be voted out.


  3. JerryK says:

    Those QoL estimates were vetted by Ms. Fuzzy Math, now the CFO at EPISD. Just wait until those projects start to rack up overruns.


  4. Max says:

    Thank you for sharing, Brutus!


    • Question for Max says:

      Why have you not publicly opposed University Medical Center’s use of eminent domain?


      • Max says:

        I am mostly focused on two things: (1) issues related to our history and culture, (2) debt/taxes in general. I have a day job and unfortunately don’t have the time to fully investigate every issue. I oppose eminent domain except in cases where there is a critically important public purpose and no other alternative.


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