Streetcars working

We are getting good reports from people about the streetcars!

In fact we have heard that they are quiet, smooth riding and fully capable of climbing up Stanton.

Whether or not you are in favor of the project they seem to be operating well.

This is better


17 Responses to Streetcars working

  1. Tom Busch says:

    Free rides until January. The trolley strategy has been to park across the street from the bus station and siphon off paying customers waiting for buses. They sit there for 20 plus minutes until they’re full before they leave. It gives the illusion that the trolleys are successful. And it seems like the bar must be pretty low if we’re complimenting a million dollar trolley car for actually making it up a hill. When the free fares expire we’ll get the real picture.

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  2. John Dungan says:

    As Tom Busch points out, one should be able to reasonably expect a million dollar street car to actually perform the task for which it was built. I still question the point since its route is so small, and neglects the whole point of light rail, or trolley travel, or whatever you want to call it.

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  3. Fed Up says:

    What a relief. Meanwhile the potholes on Mesa are increasing in both number and size.


    • The Oracle says:

      Yes. . . and since the streetcars will be on Stanton and Oregon (BOTH sides of N. Mesa), . . .MORE traffic will go to N. Mesa to stay away from the streetcars and narrow lanes to get around them.
      N. Mesa wear and tear will triple !


  4. Old Fart says:

    It was interesting to ride in one of the street cars, plus would encourage others to take a ride. Was surprised with the noise level inside the car I rode. Over the holiday season will take my wife downtown to take a ride, plus see the Christmas decorations and temporary ice rink.

    But other than it being a NOVELTY really don’t expect to use it.

    Hope this $97 million project does what it backers have told our community, and does not become a ‘white elephant’ and economic drain to the city.

    The transportation money for that expensive, limited area project, could have gone towards taking the toll off the Border Highway West.


  5. Rich Wright says:

    The question was never whether or not the trolley would be able to climb Stanton. The issue is that, if the trolley had to stop on the uphill, it could start again. You know, inertia. I reckon it can.

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    • Chaz says:

      We (the trolley) stopped at Shuster for a red light. Then restarted up Stanton with no difficulty. I think it has a lot of power to make it without difficulty.


  6. Anonima says:

    All these comments point out interesting aspects of the Trolley…here’s another: Sun Metro was quoted as saying that maintenance and operation would be about $2 million (or more) a year. At $1.50 per adult, that’s 1.33 million riders…does the Trolley even have the capacity to do that, regardless of how much interest there may be?


  7. CSSB says:

    Interesting to observe that even when Brutus makes a positive observation the responding comments are, for the most part, critical and negative. What was that old quote about critics?

    My Meyers-Briggs personality score said I was a CSSB — a cynical, sarcastic, judgmental, SOB — but even I can find something positive about the streetcars.

    C’mon folks, it’s the holiday season. You can find a little bit of sunshine somewhere.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Just more WASTED MILLIONS$$$ by self-serving, corrupt politicians. Another burden on the backs of already OVER-burdened taxpayers. But then the politicians in El Taxo DON’T CARE.


  9. The Raging Chihuahua says:

    I think l can. l think l can. l think l can. Use more money. Use more money. Use more money. Aw, it kind of brings a teardrop to your eye. Don’t it?


    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. The tears come when we think about what the ignorant, corrupt politicians do to the PEOPLE, TAXPAYERS of El Taxo to get all these little toys for THEMSELVES, the idle rich of El Taxo. Maybe the chugging little trolley is huffing “Increase taxes, increase taxes, increase taxes…………..”. And of course the politicians WILL do that to US.


  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s great that they won’t have to cost us redesign money. I think the city should be charging right now for rides. We gave the nostalgia crowd a useless system and they should at least be paying for every ride, particularly since when it is new, it will have the largest number of riders.


  11. good governance oxymoron says:

    Maybe the question should be will the trolleys survive El Paso drivers.

    2nd Trolley “crash” in a month.

    Fortunately minor with no injuries reported

    Unfortunately no passengers on trolley.

    El Paso Streetcar damaged in traffic accident with truck near UTEP

    The streetcar received minor damage after it was cut off by a pickup making a left turn, city spokeswoman Tammy Fonce said.

    There were no passengers in the streetcar and no injuries were reported, Fonce added.



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