Streetcar ridership

Isn’t it a shame that their were no passengers on the streetcar that was recently involved in a traffic accident?

Of course we are thankful that no one got hurt.

Does anyone know what the ridership numbers are on the streetcars?

We deserve better



18 Responses to Streetcar ridership

  1. james walter peterson says:

    When the ridership numbers come in they will be. …………………..inflated. what would be more interesting is the number of pickups and drop offs by individual designated trolley stop.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Just another WASTE of MILLIONS$$$ on the backs of El Taxo WORKING people, taxpayers. Thousands more$$ in “goodies” for the “bench warmer, Tommy Gonzalez. What is it that HE does, again, that HE deserves all this money? And yet these corrupt, useless politicians can’t afford, REFUSE to PAY our Police, put Police on the streets of El Taxo. THEY only “Represent” themselves, the “Idle rich” and whatever THEY can take from US. BILLIONS in debt THEY can NEVER pay and it keeps growing everyday. Margo and his Clown Council have turned OUR Police into a “Reaction unit”. Call 911 ?? Maybe the Police Chief, Margo, the Clown Council will get “someone” out, eventually.

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  3. skydiverr says:

    …and this is a NEW thing. Imagine after a year or so when it’s NO LONGER A NEW THING.


    • Anonymous says:

      Well guess that Margo, his Clown Council can always turn the multi-MILLION$$$ little trolley boondoggle into rolling taco stands? Let their City Manager, Tommy Gonzalez run it. He needs a JOB, with all OUR money that he rakes in.


  4. Anonima says:

    I saw that streetcar earlier on the day of the accident. There were no passengers and it was marked “in training.” There is a lot of ridership on the weekends of course as the rides are free through “Winterfest” but once you have to pay…After January 2 we’ll find out how many serious riders there are.


  5. Warren Buffett says:

    Only the City of El Paso would make something free when it’s new and right when people might pay to try it.


  6. Anonymous says:

    And I know you are right. And Margo, the Clown Council, City Manager do everything possible to give it all to them. Got to “reward” all the campaign “Donations”. Politicians are not really “Elected” to REPRESENT US in El Taxo. They are bought, sold, owned by the rich elite. Wonder how we could get a “Special Prosecutor” in El Taxo??


  7. Rich Wright says:

    Yesterday I drove down Oregon, and I saw a Brio, followed by a streetcar, followed by a bus, all poking along in that right hand, buses only, lane.

    I think public transportation is a public good, like police and parks. But the triplication of basic service is a waste. The City of El Paso is poorly managed.

    The City needs effective management, and we’re not getting it from Tommy “Great Wolf Lodge” Gonzalez.


    • frater jason says:

      Would have been cheaper to paint the buses in the old trolley livery.


    • Anonymous says:

      But, but Rich, yesterday Mayor Dee Margo and his Clown Council VOTED, decided to GIVE Tommy Gonzalez THOUSANDS more in “Goodies, medical care, Disability”. THEY also EXTENDED his contract, ability to hang around at least another 5 years, ripping off “US stupid, ignorant peons”, who get NO vote, no say in anything THEY do to US.


  8. Old Fart says:

    BRUTUS: It’s way too early to track ridership. After six months go to the city’s website and submit a Texas Open Records request for the data. You will likely be given a monthly ridership total, which then needs to be converted to a daily ridership number.

    Also ask for the daily ridership projection number that was part of the study to justify the street car project. You will need that study projection number in order to see if the street car is meeting its projected target.

    Six months of data should give you a rough idea if ridership is meeting its projection, or if it is running below, or above that projection.

    After a year or year and a half period, you should have a good idea if the street car is simply a novelty, or if it is viable.

    The fashionable ‘get out of trouble’ phrase one city rep is using, is the street car is an ‘economic development’ generating investment. So you then ask for the actual building investment in that area which should have taken place.

    My guess is, if the community had actually been given a voice on this project, they would rather have had the coming road toll taken off that new Border Highway West.

    But hey, where is our local media? Don’t they like to say ‘government works best in the sunshine?’ Since both newspapers were for the project don’t expect any real digging.


    • The Oracle says:

      One thing to consider is. . .. During that period to determine if the streetcars are performing as planned, don’t forget . . . they are taking riders AWAY from the normal bus system.
      See if the bus system LOST that same amount of riders during the same time period.
      If the NEW ridership of the streetcars is the same as the bus ridership is down, then NOTHING was gained.


  9. Deviuzz says:

    The only incident of a streetcar being in a wreck was in October while it was undergoing testing. During that phase passengers are not allowed to board.

    According to KFOXTV there have been around 5000 riders on the weekend. I’m not sure nor have I heard of recent ridership numbers.

    I’ve ridden them numerous times and ridership is okay. Not too many people or empty cars. Mornings is when ridership is sparse, but it picks as the day progresses. Weekends they are packed though. One thing I can say is that I’ve me people who have come in to town to ride them specifically. One guy was from NYC and was taking photographs. Five ladies were from San Antonio.

    It’s been five weeks they’ve been in operation, so it’s been good for El Paso. Definitely a tourist attraction that can help with branding.


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