A question about the Brio bus stops

Some of the readers have been pointing out the cement work done in front of the Brio bus stops.

The Brio buses stop at every red stop light.

Will they damage the roads at the stop lights?  A Brio bus will stop at more stop lights during its circuit than it will at bus stops.

If they won’t then I wonder why the bus stops need special attention.

We deserve better


4 Responses to A question about the Brio bus stops

  1. The Oracle says:

    To begin with . . all bus stops SHOULD BE indented
    so the traffic in that lane does not come to a complete halt
    and cause wrecks and confusion for drivers . . back 7-8-9- cars.
    The cars start pulling out into the lane next to the bus causing near misses and wrecks.
    Buses can stop for several minutes.


  2. Anonima says:

    What a thought, improving traffic flow…Check out the Trolley streets for evidence of the opposite…


  3. Anonymous says:

    You can’t add an indented bus stop without moving and reconstructing sidewalks which would require more money and infringing on private property. Secondly, buses would play hell pulling back into the traffic lane because very few people are courteous enough to let them in. Bus schedules would be impossible to predict. Drivers should be smart enough to follow closely behind a bus in a right-hand lane.


  4. good governance oxymoron says:

    The BRIO Buses did not require special cement work or stations for that matter. The stations are designed to be ADA compliant though.

    Supposedly the curb needed to be higher to service the buses which is bs.

    The stations were nothing more than a roadside aesthetic and an excuse to give away money for more bad art, also to supposedly have a “psychological” effect.

    If you remember the Wilson/Cook council insisted these looked just like trains except on rubber instead of rails when in reality they are just big ugly buses.

    When the first BRIO buses arrived some of them were put in service on Viscount by the mall because that is were the actual high ridership is.

    I have personally seen the BRIO pick up passengers at the stop around Ponder Park at the unspecial unshaded bench next to the unspecial unimproved cement sidewalk and curb.

    And no the bus does not require special roads.

    If the roads were that “fragile” then they would not allow the 18 wheelers access.


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