Open line Saturday

It’s open line Saturday.

Tell us what you are thinking.

Keep it clean and please don’t get personal.


10 Responses to Open line Saturday

  1. First, thank you for your service in this blog. I do t know anyone who does such a useful and provocative blog. The amount of time, thought and work invested is obvious and appreciated.
    Forgive me if this issue has been covered previously, but the mantra “we deserve better” strikes me as being at odds with an overall philosophy of taking responsibility for self governance. Why do we deserve better? From whom do we deserve better? I guess my question is when are we going to get the better that we deserve. Finally, what have we done to deserve anything. I realize I may never get answto my questions, but I think I deserve answers.

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  2. John Dungan says:

    I always read this as meaning that we deserve better representation from our locally elected representatives, and for our tax dollars. As for when we might expect it, that would depend on whether or not we can ever get people to the polls in order to elect better representatives. That said, I also agree with your statement of gratitude to brutus, but I think I am ready to pack it in. I grow weary of reading all these opinions from people who cannot or will not identify themselves. I especially grow weary of the attitudes of so many of the commenters here.


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