Open line Saturday

Its open line Saturday.

Tell us what’s on your mind.


6 Responses to Open line Saturday

  1. John Dungan says:

    This will likely surprise most of you, but not everyone in El Paso lives within, or has any interest in the shenanigans of, EPISD. We have enough problems handling the double dealing of our City Council, and County Commissioners Court, not to mention the ripoffs of EPEC and Texas Gas. That said, did y’all see what Richard Wright is sharing with us this morning, over on his El Chuqueño? Now, that sort of thing is enough to frost your drawers (imho).


  2. The Raging Chihuahua says:

    You receive full pay for doing nothing for five weeks, and the only “catch” is, is that you have to wait six weeks for your $. Hell, l would gladly give up my left nut for that deal.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah and during the previous shutdowns federal worker union successfully sued and got double time pay for everyone forced to work without pay. Those lawsuits were filed this time too, but I doubt that when they win, the media will talk about how much those workers got compensated.


    • Raging Chihuahua's Left Nut says:

      Fine, be that way! lt’s no picnic being underneath this flabby belly. l’m going to go live in a newer and nicer ball bag… that’s less hairy!!


  3. JerryK says:

    Terminate the federal Dept of Education and save $68B annually. No one will miss those bureaucrats telling your local school district how much better they know how to run your district and your colleges. Like dissing constitutional protections for due process and making sure that little boys can use the girls locker room and acting as a national school board (Common Core).

    As to what those unemployed bureaucrats can do – learn to code or mine coal.


  4. Chico says:

    Any sense of what the Electric Company items are about on agenda for this week at city council? Looks like more charges.


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