Making it harder for the public to have input

Rich Wright over at makes some interesting predictions about today’s (Monday, February 4, 2019) special city council meeting.

Read his post here.

Our city council has decided to have “special” city council meetings where they deal with things that they don’t want the voters involved in.

Look at this picture taken at a recent special meeting.

We deserve better



2 Responses to Making it harder for the public to have input

  1. Jud Burgess says:

    mayor Margo, who I’ve often said is about as transparent as guacamole, has found another way to keep opposition and critics from interfering with his agendas.

    Rules state that they can have “special meetings” and “executive sessions” away from the public eye when they are discussing matters that involve legal advice from the legal department of the City.

    He teams up with city attorney Karla Nieman for meetings that by all means should include the public and the two declare that she must share her “expertise” thereby giving them the dubious right to exclude the public.

    This is nothing short of unethical and intentional. Everybody knows it. But lawyers and politicians are known to tweak the law to their advantage.

    Nieman is doing just fine filling those dirty shoes of Borunda-Firth.

    And Margo, he’s a known quantity who is as predictable as rising tax rates in El Paso.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    IF the Mayor, Clown Council, Commissioners of El Taxo want to know what WE think, THEY will write it down and then TELL US what WE think. Otherwise THEY don’t care. As long as THEY can increase OUR TAXES, out of control, without limits on THEM, the only time THEY want to hear from US “Stupid, ignorant peons”, is when THEY are trying to get US to vote for THEM next election, re-election day.


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