Last and evidently least (at least in their minds)

I cannot think of anything that could more clearly demonstrate the city’s attitude to the public than the below slide:

The city is telling us that they start with their internal project management employees and then involve

  • Process (whoever they are)
  • Vendors
  • Support staff
  • User departments
  • Stakeholders/utilities
  • Admin (that’s the fifth internal group in case you are counting)
  • Service/Purchasing/OMB (I guess we are up to 8 internal groups at this point)

And finally after they have all made up their minds

  • The public

We deserve better


4 Responses to Last and evidently least (at least in their minds)

  1. John Dungan says:

    Well, we already knew this, didn’t we? How the hell else did we end up with a City Manager, a destroyed City Hall, A baseball park with a huge debt, streets that are crumbling around us, a nearly dead downtown, and constant fighting over shiny toys and gewgaws?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    The only time THEY want to “Talk” to US is when it’s ELECTION day. “Vote for ME and I WILL, I PROMISE……………….I will NOT LIE to YOU…..”. Other wise THEY “Represent” only themselves and whatever THEY can TAKE from US. They have no interest in explaining, representing, asking OUR OPINIONS, talking to US “Stupid, ignorant, peons”. The only thing that ever changes in El Taxo, is the NAMES of the people who constantly INCREASE OUR TAXES, and TAKE from US. THEY do nothing FOR US.

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  3. skydiverr says:

    The need to look outside the tv and local newspaper(s) for information on who to vote for in our city is great. The news outlets in order to survive must cater to the big fish downtown rather than reporting on what they are doing with regard to their corrupt activities. The first place to look should be the campaign finance reports to see WHO IS PAYING FOR THEIR CAMPAIGN. All the rest should fall easily into place after that.


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