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16 Responses to Saturday

  1. ripper1951 says:

    How do dragons blow out the lit candle on a birthday cake? Why do dogs have black lips? How does El Paso continue to elect folks who only want to add to the tax burden? Why doesn’t EPISD admit they have no idea what they are doing educationally?

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    • Anonymous says:

      dragons can turn off their fire glands at will; dog lick their butt and so developed dark lips so they appear clean to other dogs who may want to kiss them; el paso is “progressive” which means spending money that ultimately benefits a ver few people; the people at episd may have went to episd when they were young, or any other public school, and so they didn’t learn anything substantive

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    • ripper1951 says:

      Dragons have barbeque for their birthdays, not cake. Dog’s lips are camouflaged to appear like Democratic lips. Progressives believe El Paso doesn’t need industry or manufacturing, just parks, bezboll, and footsball. EPISD is still on the “let’s make them feel good” overdosage of Prozac. Sun Metro benefits repair businesses. UMC has to charge paying clients mre to make up for the non-paying illegals. And churches will say anything to get more money out of you (The Lord measures how you love Him by how deep you reach into your pockets to give.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    why is el paso spending so much money on sun metro when ridership has declined year-over-year? what is the actual, demonstrated public need for the trolley cars? does anyone actually believe that people will come from out of town to ride them? the same people who were going to come here and watch baseball?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    why does the county hospital cost so much money for residents of el paso county to go to? it is cheaper to go to any other clinic/hospital in this area, and they are not subsidized bt the taxpayer like the county hospital. i fail to see why it is more expensive, has longer waiting times and is like getting vetted by the fbi when it comes time to pay. i am fairly sure only citizens have to give them the volume of required personal and financial information plus submit to biometric identification.

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  4. Anonymous and confused says:

    If there is no emergency crisis on the border, why have there been reports all week about how Annunciation House and other groups are overrun and cannot handle all the migrants coming into the area? Why is it there calls for an immediate need for a massive processing center if it is business as usual. Why do we see articles about churches being overrun and needing supplies as they were unprepared and given just a few hours notice. Sounds like those are all the makings of a crisis.

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  5. Dan Wever says:

    Why is it that when a person decides to run for office in El Paso they suddenly become aware of their Heritage? They go for years just using a regular name but when it comes time to put their name on a ballot for the election it seems they, many times, use their mother’s maiden name as is the ethical custom.
    Of course, everyone understands that it is done because certain people vote according to what they think the ethnicity of the candidate is.
    I think this is not only wrong but as it is used, against the law. On the application form there is a statement that says “If using a nickname as part of your name to appear on the ballot, you are also sigi9ng and swearing to the following statements: I further swear that my nickname does not constitute a slogan nor does it indicate a political, economic, SOCIAL, or religious view or affiliation.”
    It seems to me that doing this just for an election should not be legal. Bet I catch hell for this!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Streets! What part of that one word does city council not understand?


  7. Disgusted says:

    The city recently passed tighter noise ordinances for businesses operating near a neighborhood. Downtown businesses were exempted. Council members said those who live downtown should understand that downtown night life is louder than living in other parts of the city. They ignored the fact that residents might have lived there long before a bar or club or ballpark opened near their home or before a downtown festival came into existence. The preferential treatment given to downtown businesses and investors is disgusting. Restricting hours for some businesses while allowing longer hours for downtown businesses is a blatant example of city council showing favoritism and picking winners and losers. There is also an inherent risk to public safety because at midnight drunks will leave bars in areas like the Cincinnati district and travel downtown.


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