Not likely

Each of our local elected officials has promised to act in the better interest of the public today.

April Fool.

We deserve better


2 Responses to Not likely

  1. Anonymous says:

    El Taxo elected officials, politicians, public officials, do what is in their own SELF interest, the big spenders who put the campaign “Donations” in their back pockets. They only need US, “Peons” to vote, believe what THEY say, put them in those positions and then do nothing for US. THEY get elected, the “Love affair”, promises are over. They do what they are “Paid” to do, not what they said, promised voters. Ball fields, sports arenas, soccer fields, expensive hotels, office buildings, sports teams, that THEY FORCE taxpayers to pay for. That’s their BIG money, not doing what is best for the city, the PEOPLE.

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  2. Empty Promises says:

    We need people like Eddie Holguin and Stephanie Townsand Allala to run for office.


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