Solutions are out there

We are hearing about all sorts of capacity problems that our feral government is having with the migrant flood.

Whether we should be accommodating the migrants or not is a policy issue that our local government workers cannot control.  Our current laws evidently allow the flood to happen.  The government employees need to find a way to handle the issue.

Some of the problems sound like they either don’t want to solve the problem or they aren’t thinking.

As an example we heard the other day that they don’t have enough buses to transport the migrants  to wherever they are going to be housed.

We all know that the city has extra Sun Metro buses.  We know that the school districts have a lot of big yellow buses that are not in use during the middle of the day.  For that matter Fort Bliss has buses that they use from time to time.

The readers can probably suggest additional bus sources and alternative ways of transporting the people.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Solutions are out there

  1. Anonymous says:

    Because as long as we accommodate them they will stop coming…


  2. Anonymous says:

    As a citizen of the United States, my options all involve me getting myself where I need to go, paying for my own housing, clothing, food, medical, etc.

    But, by all means, let’s figure out how to aid people breaking into our country. They should not be even incidentally inconvenienced by having to walk anywhere.


  3. Anonymous says:

    There are liability issues associated with use of those buses. If a Sun Metro or school bus has an accident, the entities owning them would get sued by some ambulance chasing lawyer on behalf of the migrants and if it involved another vehicle that owner would probably sue as well. So, use of those buses puts taxpayers at risk since we would pay those costs. Military transportation could be an option. Hopefully now that we have acting DHS director who was CBP we can get this handled better. But ultimately, this problem solves itself if Congress closes loopholes. The fact that we are having conversations about how to handle this new normal instead of acting to stop shows how stupid our politicians have become.


  4. Anonymous says:

    They have walked this far, what is a few hundred miles more?


  5. Solution says:

    Trump’s businesses can lease buses to take the immigrants to his hotels and golf courses. His businesses have a proven track record of hiring undocumented immigrants.


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