Saturday is the day where the readers tell us what they are thinking.

Please do so.


11 Responses to Saturday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not in my back yard!

    Sanctuary cities apparently are just virtue signaling, they do not welcome a plan to bring illegals from detention centers.

    lol. Talk about having it both ways. Either making a big deal of being a ‘sanctuary’ city is a meaningless gesture or it is the height of hypocrisy.

    Only the Mayor of Chicago says they would be welcome. If only they would be safe there. Maybe her thinking is that it makes the per-capita murder rate in Chicago smaller…


    • Anonymous says:

      In theory, large sanctuary cities should have more public resources for these poor migrants because of all the NGOs and activist groups that are already there, and some of the best medical care available. Border towns are stretched thin because they are dealing the initial entry flow. Bussing those released to sanctuary cities is really the humanitarian thing to do. What would Jesus do, Nancy?


      • ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

        The last time l checked, The King Rabbi has very stringent and strict rules, which is why only the very VERY few end up in His Sanctuary City. BTW- l didn’t know that robbing Peter to purchase Paul’s and Mathew’s votes just to ensure that the tax collector gets re elected was the “humanitarian” thing to do.


        • Anonymous says:

          The real humanitarian thing to do would be for Congress to change the laws and close the loopholes. This migration helps no one but the cartels.


          • Truth says:

            The flood of migrants also helps businesses keep wages depressed. That’s why the current Congress hasn’t done anything for more than two years.


  2. GOP is the party of hate says:

    If we solved the immigration problem (if there actually is a problem) the Republicans need to find a new group of people to hate in order to raise funds.


    • Anonymous says:

      Is this naive or ignorance? Do you know how many people have been apprehended from crossing the border illegally just in our city over the last month alone. Hate? I have delivered items to the Opportunity Center, have you? There is no hate here.


  3. Anonymous says:

    This headline in today’s Washington Post is an accurate assessment of the current situation.

    “Trump’s immigration policies have been a failure. Neither he nor Democrats have much of a solution to the current problem.”


    • Anonymous says:

      If you listen to immigration officials and study what has worked in the past, the current laws and recent court decisions make it impossible to address the open borders situation. That isn’t Trump’s fault. Congress (both sides) is the problem. The Dems are looking for a “new” poor whose kid’s can vote Dem because the old poor has figured out they only get lip service. The GOP is too dense to realize that Central Americans don’t have the same work ethic that Mexican migration has brought in the past. Mexico has had a lot of seasonal Central American migration over the years. If you listen to their comments, they aren’t very complimentary. Look at news reports coming from Southern Mexico. Migrants are breaking down barriers because paperwork takes too long. Do we really think folks who ignore laws they consider inconvenient will strengthen our country?


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