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  1. ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

    Easter : Christmas with fewer gifts but with more chocolate. You have the “pleasure” of being with your family minus watching any football games. And as far as the food goes, l’m sure the King Rabbi just loves seeing you chow down on that Texas-sized slice of honey-glazed ham. And for dessert, the kiddies can enjoy scarfing down a few chocolate crosses because each one is only 1 oz. Deviled eggs: it seems like a long culinary walk for not much in return. l’ll eat one just to be polite, just like you also do. BTW- have you ever been too awake to fall back to sleep but too tired to not be bitchy? Perhaps l should start counting chocolate bunnies jumping over a fence. Nah, that’ll just make me hungry.


    • JerryK says:

      My mother would make Ukrainian Easter eggs each year and all the neighbors on the block would put in an order for a few. Her family was from Kiev and arrived here on 1927 when she was five years old.

      We would also receive a gift package of my grandfather’s kielbasa for Easter dinner.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Politicians using the arms of government against political opponents and/or citizens.


  3. Anonymous says:

    hmmm, nobody seems to care about partisan weaponization of government force. so i guess whoever in power can do so at will and the “other” side will take their lumps

    so much for what used to make america great

    i just received an anonymous tip about a politician and they should be investigated, secretly, by US intelligence services. i personally have no qualms about doing to someone what they did to me. in fact, i demand equal justice

    game on


  4. Dan Wever says:

    The EPISD BOT gave the Superintendent permission to be a Director for other entities and also Consult for other companies. He and President Geske are both Directors of the Council of the Great City Schools. I am not sure if they sell the EPISD anything but it would seem like a conflict of interest to me. I am not even sure of what they do but I do know they have 74 large school districts as members and the dues for the EPISD last year were $43,276. District dues for this year were $44,228. In the past few years over $233,000 has been paid to this group and travel and lodging and food cost another $6,500 to attend their events last year.
    I see expenses such as this and cannot figure out how we do not have enough money to keep neighborhood schools open but we do have money for anything the Administration desires! 😞

    4/17/2014 Council of the Great City Schools _ $17,414.00
    2/6/2015 Council of the Great City Schools _ $41,793.00
    8/3/2015 Council of the Great City Schools _ $42,345.00
    2/19/2016 Council of the Great City Schools _ $375.00
    6/27/2016 Council of the Great City Schools _ $275.00
    12/9/2016 Council of the Great City Schools _ $325.00
    1/13/2017 Council of the Great City Schools _ $200.00
    1/20/2017 Council of the Great City Schools _ $42,557.00
    8/3/2017 Council of the Great City Schools _ $43,276.00
    1/19/2018 Council of the Great City Schools _ $175.00
    6/1/2018 Council of the Great City Schools _ $250.00
    9/6/2018 Council of the Great City Schools _ $44,228.00
    TOTAL $233,213.00

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Rant: Why do undocumented immigrants get Emergency Medicaid while US Citizens cannot even get regular Medicaid? One of my relatives is in the hospital and really needs Medicaid as they receive no income. We were told it may take about 90 days to get approved and may get denied. Meanwhile, the parking lot was packed with Mexican license plates. I bet they had no problem getting Medicaid.


    • John Dungan says:

      And, there you go again, spouting off without any facts! Why did your relative wait until they were in the hospital to apply for medicaid?! There is nothing stopping anyone who qualifies from applying for benefits at any time. As for license plates from Mexico being evidence of anything other than that the vehicles in question came from Mexico, you can do better than that!


    • Chico says:

      The eligibility requirements for medicaid are pretty consistently applied. Medicaid is mostly for children, unless you are in New Mexico where it’s been expanded.

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      • Anonymous says:

        It is also for the elderly. John Dungan seems too invested with the undocumented immigrants, wonder what his deal is. Bottom line, my relative still doesn’t have Medicaid, I can only hope they approve it soon. I think we should have said they were in the country illegally.


        • Anonymous says:

          I had an elderly great aunt who went on Medicaid when she could no longer live independently but didn’t have the funds to pay for a nursing home. The means testing pretty much requires you to be totally tapped out before you qualify. That is why people wait until they are in dire straits before applying, John.


  6. chico says:

    Anybody know anything about Daniel Call, school board candidate? District 6?


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