Sound off

It’s Saturday.

Sound off.

If you can spare the time send a note to your elected officials telling them what you think.


7 Responses to Sound off

  1. @MichaelBrayELP says:

    GOOD MORNING! Today is Independent Bookstore Day, so we encourage you to head to your local bookstore and show it support. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE, AND WHY? Just a friendly reminder, putting your thumb on a page and flicking up will do nothing…you actually need to turn it. It’s weird.


    • ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

      Bookstores? ls it 380,000 B.C. already? l only go to a bookstore if l have a hankering for a grande frappuccino along with a cinnamon boysenberry maple oat nut crunch muffin. l mean sometimes it takes me almost twenty five minutes to drive home and l’m sure you don’t want me to starve.


    • Anonymous says:

      Literarity. It’s a little bookstore on Mesa in the same shopping center as Garufa and Mi Piaci.


      • ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

        l also highly recommend that place, but l’m going to strongly suggest that you get there before 10:30 a.m. That’s when the croissants are freshly pulled out of the oven


  2. Anonymous says:

    i would like to know what laws i can break and be lauded by local government as well as have my living and medical needs paid for. i just want a better life. can i not pay taxes and receive sanctuary?

    anyone who supports lawlessness should donate their own money to supporting illegal immigrants. apparently poverty is something you can infinitely import without harming actual citizens.

    next time i need medical care i will present to umc and declare myself an illegal immigrant so it will be free (instead of twice as much as everywhere else, how does taxpayer subsidized healthcare cost MORE than private healthcare?)


  3. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    Could I start a thread? WHAT ARE THE VENUES OF THOUGHT LEADERSHIP IN EL PASO? I don’t mean the CoC and City Hall crap about how good it is. I mean where are the ideas created, surfaced, circulated, vetted and communicated about how we will “be” as a community – not as subdivisions and big box strip malls – in the future? Who are the thought leaders, the ones who will make the official culture here uncomfortable?

    It’s not Dee or Beto or Vero or Suzy, much as I might personally like them. They’re into their own careers, not ours.

    In past essays that Brutus let me publish here, I said do not look to City Hall, UTEP, CoC, Borderplex, EP Times, local media or any other group whose vested interest is in the way things are. That’s the Center, not the Edge. Change comes from the Edge, from the people excluded from the Center for whatever reason.

    In the last two weeks I attended two events that were about the current state of being here and potential future efforts. One was a talk by Alan Russell (CEO of TECMA) at the monthly meeting of the Rio Grande Economics Association that I have attended for 20+ years now. Alan talked with much personal experience and knowledge about how our two economies are joined at the hip. A certain kind of future will evolve necessarily from that.

    The other was at the El Paso Community Foundation called “Cultivate” and was about local food systems (something I’ve had involvement in Canada since my personal life went into the Cosmic Cuisinart in 2015). I met an old friend there and a very smart young woman who works for a local NFP. Our conversation was deep, theoretical and relevant. Damn, we adjourned to Anson’s 11 after the EPCF shut down and it’s the first time in at least 20 years that I actually “closed” a bar!

    I need more conversations like that in my life.

    Do we have venues of research and activism to challenge and change the way we do things that are not captive to the Usual Suspects and City Hall agenda? For that matter, do we need any?

    What do you think?


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