Literarity book shop is worth a visit

Mr. Michael Bray wrote about independent bookstore day this Saturday  and asked “WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE AND WHY?”.

My answer is unequivocal, Literarity.

They are located at 5400 North Mesa and have a facebook page at


The shop offers a selection of books that has been carefully curated by the owners.

They are a married couple that share a love of fine things including books.

Visiting the shop and talking with them is a treat in itself even if you do not buy something, although with their low prices and remarkably wide selection I find it hard to leave there empty handed.

I have never found a store like it in El Paso and recommend it without reservation.

This is better



11 Responses to Literarity book shop is worth a visit

  1. JerryK says:

    Thank you. I did not know we had an independent book store in El Paso. Literarity is on my to-do list.


  2. Anonymous says:

    “The shop offers a selection of books that has been carefully curated by the owners.” – Does this mean liberal books only?

    Viewpoint discrimination is a bad endorsement and offers the opposite of what the liberal orthodoxy supposedly promises, namely diversity. Except there is no diversity allowed in modern liberalism; not in thought, deed or voice. Or, in this case, books.

    Basically, modern liberalism is literally predicated upon a lie. Modern liberalism demands absolute singularity of purpose and thought.

    No thanks.


    • Anonymous says:

      Why do you presume that curation must equal ideological censorship or, if it does, it must be liberal? Independent bookstores are dying. Personally, I think regardless of what curation translates to, it is worth at least one visit.


    • Brutus says:

      I have never been able to observe bias in the selection of their books.

      The owners go out of their way to provide books that cover a wide selection of subjects and views.

      I would be interested to hear what you think if you take the time to visit the store.



    • Michael Bray says:

      I think I can see why you chose to remain ‘anonymous’.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Good to know. Thanks for posting.


  4. Michael Bray says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Brutus!

    In today’s busy world I find that I have dedicated less and less time to reading an entire book, let alone a good magazine article, succumbing to the less immersive social media. How refreshing to persuse the ‘curated’ (balanced) offerings of an independant bookstore like Literarity! They challenge us to expand our horizons.

    Best of all? The lack of anonymous internet trolls!


  5. ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

    l just thought of a great book title: “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the end of the Block.” OK, l did my half. Now all l need is for one of you to write it.


  6. Literarity Book Shop says:

    A couple of friends called and e-mailed to say that our shop was mentioned here today. We appreciate both the exposure and kind words.

    Literarity has been open for nearly two years and we are working hard to make a difference in the community and to have a positive an impact in a fast-changing world in which reading is not a priority for many people.

    Literarity is a small shop with limited space, so our selection is not as broad or deep as some bookstores – e.g., B&N. We (not a corporate buyer) select the authors and titles we put on our shelves. You’ll find both new and used books, and we make sure our books are in nice, clean condition. Our selection of new books includes books you will not readily find at big box retailers, including some excellent books by local writers, who are nationally recognized.

    Sections include fiction, general nonfiction, philosophy, poetry, science and math, religion, art, architecture, photography, music/film and the performing arts, and U.S. and world history, among others. We have special sections related to El Paso, Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, the Southwest and the West, and other topics. You’ll also find rare and unusual books, including signed first editions and leather-bound volumes.

    We have hosted many events, ranging from poetry readings to Tom Lea Month events. One of our biggest events was an appearance by national best-selling author Hampton Sides, who visited our shop in December to talk about and sign his book “ON DESPERATE GROUND: The Marines at the Reservoir, the Korean War’s Greatest Battle.”

    If you are a curious reader, who likes to browse, explore new subjects, and discover books that you never knew existed, you will probably enjoy your visit. When you just want the current best-seller at the lowest price, you will probably want to shop elsewhere. But we are grateful to people who support local businesses like Literarity.

    As the sign in our shop says, “open books open minds.” So come visit. We are open 10-6, Tuesday through Saturday, and occasionally on Sunday afternoons.

    Keep calm and read on,

    Bill Clark


  7. chico says:

    Nice tip, Brutus.


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