Billing the campaigns

According to this ABC-7 report our President’s re-election campaign has been billed $470,417.05 by the city.

This is the breakdown:

The ABC-7 I-Team obtained the 29-page invoice from the City of El Paso that details the costs incurred which totals $470,417.05.

The city’s invoice bills Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. It is broken down by reimbursement owed across six departments:

  • Department of Aviation: $6,286.57
  • Fire Department: $60,630.84
  • Health Department: $528
  • Streets & Maintenance: $6,452
  • Sun Metro: $15,577.52
  • Police Department: $380,942.12

According to the report the bill has not been paid.

I wonder what the city billed our former congressman for his event that was held at the same time.

I hesitate to publish this post from fear that the comments will turn into a flood of candidate bashing.  Please don’t.

My recollection is that we have only had to delete a few comments in the past years of publishing.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Billing the campaigns

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you look at the city budget, the entire budget for the police department broken down to one day is approximately $400,000. That’s not just salaries and benefits, that is every cost the department has budgeted. And apparently a visit of few hours equals $380,000 in police cost? The Trump campaign commented to another station that this bill is about 10x of what cities of similar size are billing them and so they are going over it carefully. The Pope’s visit also required a shutdown of the border highway, crowd control and enhanced protection because even though his main event was in Juarez, his trip near the border and the Sun Bowl event drove a need for security support over here. How much was the Catholic Church billed for that event? I’m fine with our city billing outside organization for the costs they drive as long as the cost accounting is applied equally.


  2. Mike Schwartz says:

    I agree about billing Mr O’Rourke. However, I have to wonder about the costs listed and what they represent.
    Department of Aviation: $6,286.57 – Landing fees are nowhere near this much, neither is security or fire trucks.
    Fire Department: $60,630.84- What is this charge made up of?
    Health Department: $528- Makes no sense
    Streets & Maintenance: $6,452- If they’re talking wear and tear I hope they use the money to repave the area
    Sun Metro: $15,577.52- buses for what? I don’t believe they ran extra for this, although there were extra for Mr O’Rourke
    Police Department: $380,942.12- I can understand the overtime and some extra security, but still would like to see a break out.
    I do believe some of the costs are justified but honestly folks, it seems a little overboard.


    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. Our city gets ridiculous very often. It’s just like the fact that our airport fees are some of the highest in the nation and we expect to get more airlines to fly in and out of here. It’s also like our property taxes are among the highest in nation and we expect to be able to attract industry. GET REAL EL PASO.


  3. Anonymous says:

    It is about ten times what other cities charge. Is the City showing its Democratic displeasure with President Trump by overbilling?


    • Anon says:

      You don’t know that for a fact. You took that “ten times what other cities charge” straight from the Trump campaign response. That source is no more trustworthy than the City of El Paso.


  4. I think a couple of things might be informative. Was there an agreement by either of them or their agents to pay anything? Was there advance notice to either group that payment is expected and if so, when? Keep in mind that the incumbent has a long history of not paying his bills.
    I agree with the other who responded in asking for specific charges. I am particularly intrigued by the Health Department bill. I though it could be for emergency supplies in the event of an assaination, but I would think those would be on hand anyway.


  5. City Auditor says:

    Breakdown is as follows:

    Cost of Services ….. $10,000.05

    Surcharge imposed because Trump said Mayor Margo is full of crap ….. $460,417


  6. Anonymous says:

    The City of El Paso didn’t charge the video company that gave a house to a woman who provides charity services to Juarez. At the time the City claimed police services for the “two days” that it took them to build a new home was in excess of $60,000.

    The President of the United States was only in El Paso a few hours.

    The City of El Paso also provides police security free of charge to the owners of the baseball stadium.

    Two of the wealthiest people in El Paso get free police security for their hobby team and a Juarez charity gets free police security, but the President of the United States gets ridiculously overcharged.


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