This picture was sent to us recently.

The homeowner has chosen to fly our flag upside down.

It is not illegal but it sure does cause me to have a visceral reaction.

We deserve better


8 Responses to Distress

  1. Anonymous says:

    An upside down flag is a sign of distress. That individual is making a statement on the state of government. Given the invasion of fake asylum seekers that Congress refuses to address I understand his or her actions.


  2. ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

    lt’s a somewhat entertaining pic that’s obviously taken in one of the nicer neighborhoods. lt would be interesting to find out what they’re “distressed” about. l’m guessing it’s because of having to water all of that vegetation. Or perhaps they didn’t receive enough garlic-buttery biscuits when they ordered the Jumbo Coconut Shrimp Platter. l dunno. BTW- l’m going to give a little shout-out since it is National Teacher’s Day. Don’t worry, freedom is just around the corner!


    • frater jason says:

      Maybe their mortgage interest deduction wasn’t big enough to get them a refund. They might have to drink Brita filtered water instead of Fiji for a while.


  3. Anonymous says:

    My guess would be that it is some type of protest against Donald Trump. No one who is sane would be so disrespectful to the flag. Anyone that thinks this type of symbolic disrespect is entertaining can post about their favorite symbols so others can disrespect them for entertainment.


    • frater jason says:

      Unlikely. In my experience is usually the hard right flag worshippers that do stunts like this.


    • About Respect says:

      The last thing I want to hear from Trump or a Trump supporter is a lecture about respect. Trump never served a day in the military and disparaged John McCain for having been a POW. Trump disparaged McCain and other POWs during the campaign for entertainment shock value and he would not even lower the flag to half mast after McCain’s death until public opinion forced his hand. No one who is sane would disrespect McCain or POWs the way Trump did and continues to do.


      • Anonymous says:

        I respect John McCain’s service in the military and as a POW. John McCain the Senator, however, was less honorable. He was implicated in the 80s S&L scandal and managed to walk away from that unscathed. He was the vote that killed the Senate bill to implement a post Obamacare fix and the GOP link in conveying the Steele dossier to law enforcement which helped mask the fact that it was political opposition research developed by a foreign national utilizing information provided by agents of the Russian government. Think back to the Mueller investigation and the big deal about the Trump tower meeting that involved the Russia lawyer who supposedly had dirt on Hillary. If the same standard is applied to McCain’s actions with the Steele dossier, his actions are very troubling. And, finally, even when he knew his brain tumor was impairing his ability to be an effective Senator, he chose not to step down and let someone capable of doing the job finish his term. I voted for him for President, because I too used to believe he was a great man. In hindsight, I’m glad he lost.


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