Someone isn’t thinking

Take a look at this picture:

The red letters to the left say “Emergency Walk In Entrance” and point to the staircase under the walkway.

The red rectangular sign on the right points to the emergency room entrance up a flight of stairs.

We deserve better




2 Responses to Someone isn’t thinking

  1. Anonymous says:

    Using your blog to provide transparency in our corrupt local government makes sense. Posting low res photos of confusing hospital signage does not. Why not just email the hospital in question and point out that confusion could cost precious minutes in a life threatening emergency? That should motivate clarification because hospitals are risk adverse.


    • Anonymous 2 says:

      If the highly paid and supposedly highly educated managers of hospitals are risk adverse, why does the bad signage exist? Healthcare requires attention to details. If they can’t get their emergency signage right, it makes one wonder about the important stuff? Do the administrators ever walk the property?


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