Watch out for the kids

School is out.

Please be extra careful in your driving.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Watch out for the kids

  1. Go outside and play says:

    Nothing to worry about. Kids don’t play outside anymore. I would bet that we’ll see far less kids over the summer than when school is in session. They’re all inside playing video games.


  2. Go outside and play with your kids says:

    I never said they weren’t. We need get up off our butts and go outside and play as well.


  3. ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

    Whenever l feel the desire to go outside, l just watch a Grizzly Adams re run while gnawing on a granola bar. That’s all the nature l need. We’re evolving. We don’t have to spend as much time hunting and gathering, and our climate-controlled caves are much nicer compared to the past.


    • Gobo it's idea and play anyway says:

      Not exactly true. There is a growing theory known as Nature Deficit Disorder. There is a correlation between when kids stopped playing outside on a regular basis and the increase in ADHD, learning problems, in school behavior problems, and obesity.


      • Go outside and play anyway says:

        See what I mean. I haven’t played outside today and my typing is so atrocious auto speel can’t even make it out.. Gobo it’s idea….?


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