Helping the state of Texas out

Item 11.1 on the Tuesday, May 28, 2019 city council authorizes the expenditure of $230,000 (with an additional $230,000 if deemed necessary) for the city to pay a contractor to clean street medians on state owned streets within the city.

That the Director of Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing be authorized to issue a Purchase Order to MG Evergreen, LLC referencing Contract 2018-712 City Wide New Median Maintenance. This change order is to increase the contract by $230,000.00 for a total amount not to exceed $3,599,400.95. The change order will allow the City to utilize this contract as the primary tool to clean landscaped medians on state right of way until August 31, 2019; Additionally that the Director of Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing be authorized to issue an additional change order if necessary in the amount $230,000.00 administratively and if funding is identified.


Can’t the state of Texas pay its own bills?

Wouldn’t you think that our mayor would take the state to task on this?

We deserve better


8 Responses to Helping the state of Texas out

  1. They’ll take US to court over Duranguito, but won’t take the state to court?

    BTW, $230,000 to handle cleaning for three months? That sounds like a pretty lucrative contract.


    • Anonymous says:

      Seems to me, this would be a good community service sentence. Progressive communities also have “adopt a section of road” programs where businesses volunteer their time to keep that section clear. I guess that isn’t “our culture” here. But, hey we have so much extra taxpayer money just lying around why should we act like communities trying to reduce taxpayer expense?


      • Dan Wever says:

        When Anonymous complain it is nothing more than pissing against the wind, satisfaction is somewhat diminished!


  2. Anonymous says:

    So what will the City “Workers” be doing, that are PAID to clean up the streets, medians?? Guess will just allow City “Workers” more nap time. Maybe instead of blowing off all this TAXPAYER money, they could just do a work “Exchange” program. The STATE repairs the streets, does street MAINTENANCE and the City “Workers” pick up all the trash on the streets, highways? Sounds like just another “Friends and family” contract by City Hall minions, who apparently have OUR open check book.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Very often, as is the case with developers, when a street is built it is given to the local municipality who then become responsible for maintenance and upkeep.

    Of all the waste in El Paso politics I find it ironic that this is an issue, who’s tax dollar will pay for street maintenance. Even if the state pays the bill it is still tax dollars.


  4. Fed Up says:

    They will increase spending to clean medians while the streets crumble. If they had not gone overboard with the landscaping of medians, there would not be a maintenance problem.


    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly right. Yeah, come on, throw a few dollars at lane MARKINGS, turn MARKINGS. Many streets in El Taxo cannot even see where the lanes are. Where one ends, another begins. And at night or when it’s raining, there are few to no markings to be seen at all. The City of El Taxo and it’s little to NO street repairs, no maintenance “Policies”, instigate, are the CAUSE of MOST accidents here. But then the minions have all the other “Priorities”. Picking up trash, sweeping the streets during 50-60 mile an hour winds, etc. The only game here is to waste as much taxpayer money as possible, so they can INCREASE taxes AGAIN. “Well we blew all that money on……………………..”.


  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s summer vacation. Maybe the Boy Scouts could do the cleaning and we can donate $200,000 to their program?


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