Amateur hour

Our city government is evidently getting into the clothing business, kinda.

You can see the full image here

In this day of e-commerce the city invites you to send them an email if you want to purchase something.

The web page tells us that the proceeds “go directly to our All-America City fundraising efforts”.

If we all pitch in and buy something maybe they will have enough money to only raise our taxes by 7%.

We deserve better


11 Responses to Amateur hour

  1. Anonymous says:

    Calling a city employee and giving them your credit card number over the phone. What could possibly go wrong? Note this is sarcasm.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The City of El Paso is only interested in appearances and not at all interested in substantive issues. Every year they pay for the fake all American city designation then play it up like it is something to behold. the reality is they are getting ripped off by companies who “rate” things for a price.

    Want to be the in a list of the best homeowners in America? There is a magazine that will put you on it and publish an article about it for $3,000.

    How about greatest small business in cities under 1,000,000 population? Yep, there is a publisher for that as well, for a price.

    These designations are a scam and anyone that falls for it is wasting money. In the case of the City of El Paso, wasting money seems to be a virtue or a contest, not sure which.


    • Anonymous says:

      You got it all pretty much right. The “Safest City” (?) in Texas, America, the World, is a magazine Ad that was BOUGHT during the John CRook era. Anybody can check the FBI’s Annual Uniform Crime Report. IF there is “NO crime” in El Paso, that’s because it’s not reported. If it ain’t reported, it didn’t happen. The city allows few to no Police on the streets of El Taxo. Look around, where are they? The baseball field? They don’t, can’t afford to pay them.

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  3. Lily Limón says:

    Is this money needed to buy the award?

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  4. JerryK says:



    • ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

      You’d have to go all the way back to the 50’s and 60’s when E.P. actually had higher than national average wages – before we dumbed-down our immigration system in the mid 60’s. l’m holding out for the Dee Margo kung fu grip (in)action figure doll. l hear the grip is so powerful that it takes money out of the tax payers’ wallet and will never let go.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Dee Margo and the City “Manager”, that WE have made VERY rich, could hold bake sales, yard sales at Silly Hall, on the way to declaring BANKRUPTCY. Over-bought, over-built, over TAXED, that’s El Taxo and the political corruption. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more, that’s El Taxo. $2.63 for a gallon of gas in El Taxo. $2.26 in Austin, Dallas, Georgetown, Round Rock, Waco. Would think there was something to see, do here, a TOURIST attraction. Why does EVERYTHING cost more here? Taxes?


  6. Simple Answer says:

    Stop and think about it. Someone at City Hall must have a friend or family member who prints t-shirts and caps.

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