Open line Saturday

Tell us what’s on your mind.

Saturday is the day where the readers pick the subjects.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Open line Saturday

  1. Anonymous says:

    threat tariffs on mexico worked? i guess that depends on your definition of ‘worked’, if you believe in open borders or in controlled entry.

    hard to see how limiting illegal entry is a bad thing,


  2. Anonymous says:

    politician claiming to be blank slate? how does that work? why would anyone vote for a person who has no clear political positions? do they simply go with the latest polls or what is popular among their party? hardly seems like they have any reason to be running other than narcissism if they are a self-described blank slate.


  3. ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

    So this is what it feels like being in a retirement rec center. Hmm. And what about me? Well, my cheap ass printer decided to quit, and uhmm….oh, l think l just heard the doorbell, so l hope you don’t mind if l go ahead and get that.


  4. Just a thot says:

    Dee maggot is a turncoat


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