City budget growing faster than our population

elrichboy over at El Chuqueno posted this the other day:

Read ’em and Weep

He points out that our population has only grown by 1.1% over the last six years.

Yet our city budget grows every year.

Max Grossman pointed out that the city general fund budget has grown 24% over the last five years.


We deserve better


9 Responses to City budget growing faster than our population

  1. Anonymous says:

    The recent State LAW that was passed to limit, stop tax INCREASES, on the whim of politicians, will simply be ignored by politicians in El Taxo. THEY fabricate, inflate Property “Values”, so that THEY can increase taxes. El Taxo charges ten dollars MORE than the rest of the state for Vehicle Registration. And yet THOUSANDS do not register vehicles in Texas. Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, California junk yard tags that nobody pays TEXAS for , but then in El Taxo their is NO enforcement. Thousands of Illegals living here, NO taxes, no vehicle registrations. The ONLY people that should have vehicles registered out of state are Military stationed at Ft Bliss. The ONLY people that register vehicles here, have auto insurance, are the ones who pay for EVERYTHING, the same ones who get all the tax INCREASES. El Taxo is a tax, waste, spend, tax some more, sanctuary town for Illegals. Nothing more. We deserve better. WE just never get better.


  2. John Dungan says:

    While I tend to agree with the unknown troller’s general statement that we pay too much in taxes here, I would question his assertions about “Thousands of Illegals living here, NO taxes, no vehicle registrations.” Where does he think these thousands of people are living? Doesn’t he yet know that El Paso is still very much what its name implies, a simple ‘pass to the north?’ Yes, there may well be a number of illegal (his term) people passing through, but that is still what they do. They do not live here. They’re just on their way to someplace better.


    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is that it is legal for folks from Juarez to live here as long as they return every 90 days and are able to prove residency and employment in Mexico. Most pay property taxes on their investment homes here, but they don’t register their cars (my neighbor hides theirs in the garage) and pick and choose the other laws they obey. For example , the same neighbor has a relative who would park a semi cab in the driveway for several days on visits. That’s illegal in city limits because of the fuel fire hazard it represents. Took the police two visits to get that point across. When there is increased violence in Juarez more of these investors move here. When things are going in Juarez they sell out and move back—so it can bubble our real estate. And in some cases, they become absentee owners for long periods of time and don’t maintain their property during that time. This hurts neighborhood property values—my neighborhood has several of these properties. Some of the folks doing this have forged Mexican proof of residency paperwork and actually work over here, so they are illegal. But many are conforming to CBP rules. The statement thousands of illegals living here may have more truth than most people would believe. And we also have dual nationals (of Mexican parents who had a baby in one of our hospitals and then took it back home to Juarez) who use that status to access benefits on both sides of the border and avoid taxes in both countries. But, their two passports give them legal status in both countries and they enjoy telling US citizens that they are as “American” as we are.


      • Anonymous says:

        And one other thing, the folks saving money by keeping Juarez tags over here likely don’t have US auto insurance. So, the previous commenter on the tag issue is correct. When I lived in Florida, police would drive through business parking lots on tag checks because a lot of folks are slow to change tags. They made a lot of revenue that way.


        • John Dungan says:

          I wonder where you get your information. Border crossing cards are not for 90 day stays. We still have friends who live in Chihuahua, who come to visit every few months. They are only allowed to stay for the duration of a shopping trip. If they want to extend their stay, and go elsewhere in Texas or New Mexico, they have to apply for a visa at the border crossing, with CBP. While their may be people who park the Mexican licensed vehicle in or near their locally owned El Paso property, the numbers are not that great, plus, as you yourself admit, they pay local taxes! So, what is your beef? Your statement are clearly your own beliefs, and not based on any factual information. Also, fyi, there is a big business in Mexico selling U. S. auto insurance, because they have to prove American car insurance when they bring their cars across the border!


      • Anonymous says:

        The assertion that “People can LEGALLY live here or any where in the U.S. as long as they return to Mexico every 90 days, is totally false. The Border Crossing Card is for VISITORS for a period of up to 90 days. They can visit family, shop, etc. At one time there was a limit of travel within 25 miles of the Border. There is NO Legal Residency connected to this document. A LEGAL Resident Card, status is an entirely different status. Legal Residents can , sometimes do live here, but prefer to live “Out of Status: in Mexico, so that they don’t have to pay taxes. If, when U.S, Immigration finds out they have left the U.S. and live in Mexico, the Residency Card can be cancelled. People with Border Crossing Cards who are determined to be living here, cards are also taken away, cancelled.


      • Anon says:

        So if you put your car in your garage, you’re parking it there, but if a person from Mexico parks their car in a garage, they are “hiding” it?


        • Anonymous says:

          My cars are legally registered (TX law says you have 30 days to register your car once you move here). My neighbors cars have Juarez plates after years of living here. So when I put my car in the garage, I’m parking it–there is nothing to hide.


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