On the border situation

Alligators ‘n Roadkill has an interesting post about the border situation.

You can read them here.

We deserve better



11 Responses to On the border situation

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Interesting” in that it does nothing to stop illegal immigration, plus the added benefit of importing lots and lots of poverty.

    How is it that no one is ever critical of the outcomes for these style “plans” that supposedly deal with immigration? Suddenly all these lawbreaking individuals are going to comply with new immigration laws, especially after they get so richly rewarded for breaking existing laws?

    The reality is that as long as they are rewarded people will come here illegally. Soon they will get “free” (to them) healthcare and they get welfare and housing benefits now.

    Proponents of these plans never demonstrate their own willing to open their homes to these people, they merely come up with new ways of making everyone else pay.

    Put your money where your mouth is and sponsor at least ONE illegal immigrant family for at least a year before proposing that everyone else sponsor them all.


    • John Dungan says:

      And, the unknown coward goes right back to the same old lame attack on an situation that he clearly does not comprehend. What rewards do you really think these people are seeking? How do you think they can qualify for “‘free’ (to them) healthcare and they [can] get welfare and housing benefits now?” Maybe you need to study how those programs work before you make the false assumption that anyone is getting something for nothing! And, why do you think that it will prove our willingness to help these people if we open up our own homes? That is an absurdity beyond reason! Why the hell do you think a citizen of the U. S. must sponsor a stranger? Is that what your version of christianity has taught you? Stop being a hypocrite your own self, and either inform yourself, or keep your mistaken, non-Christian ideas to yourself.

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      • Look in the Mirror says:

        I am puzzled by the level of your malice and righteous indignation. Why not inform the commenter rather than attack them for their opinion? Provide facts rather than insults. When you call people cowards and non-Christian and tell them to keep their ideas to themselves, you’re everything you say you oppose.


        • ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

          You have to understand that the reason Dungan (El Paso’s most hated troll) thinks so highly of himself is because no one else does. He sure does have an unhealthy obsession about wanting to know everyone’s name.


        • John Dungan says:

          Well, “Look in the Mirror,” perhaps you are not aware of the history the exists between that particular commenter and me. Malice? Righteous indignation? Did his comments offer facts? Does his position represent that of any organized Christian Church? Does his position reflect that of the majority of citizens? Since your choice of a moniker to hide behind suggests that you think I might need to heed that advice, let me remind you that by the fact that I do not hide behind a made-up name I do indeed look in the mirror every day. You and your anonymous friend might need to consider that the U. S. Constitution contains a confrontation clause for a good reason. I am, still, proud to post these and any other comments with my real name.


          • Look in the Mirror says:

            Your response proves my earlier point about your tendency to rage rather than inform. It also proves the point made by Anonymous!!! about your obsession with anonymity. Other people have made that observation in the past. I now encourage everyone to comment using the generic moniker Anonymous. I find it humorous that you’ve never had an issue with the fact that this blog is managed. If anonymity bothers you and you keep coming back, you must be a glutton for punishment.


          • anonymous #2 says:

            Dungan = man who is thoroughly clueless to the partisan politics in this city that would threaten anonymous’ business or employment if his true identify was known.

            Free speech is great, until it disagrees with Dungan.


    • Housing Authority says:

      So, you consider a chain link fence cage under an interstate to be housing?

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    • frater jason says:

      Ok, as long as folks are willing to chip in for pay for corporate subsidies and taxes lost to churches. And to adopt one unwanted baby before opposing abortion.

      Consistency takes a lot of effort, myself included.

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  2. Ethicist says:

    It’s odd that people question the work ethic of people who are willing to walk thousands of miles to try to improve their lot in life.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, the cartels started providing bus service and the journey was reduced to 10 days. Now that Mexico has arrested two Pueblos sin Fronteras organizers and started freezing bank accounts associated with entities encouraging migration plus telling migrants how difficult the asylum process is, the numbers are starting to drop. Sadly, Congress has still done nothing to end the loopholes that are a magnet to people wanting to be caught and released.


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