Closed meetings violations

The other day we wrote about apparent open meetings violations that the city committed recently.

The next day in a regular city council meeting their agenda contained the following after showing a portion of the meeting would be in executive session:

“Discussion and action on the following:”

The agenda then listed 12 items that they planned to handle in executive session.

The problem here is that they cannot take action in executive session.  They must do it in open session, which is open to the public.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Closed meetings violations

  1. Mike Schwartz says:

    The issue is the City Council is planning in Executive Session and approving in open session. Is it possible that it is only the City Manager and Dee Margo who are planning and the rest of City council are puppets knodding when the string is pulled? And we can say “They shouldn’t be doing that” infinitely, but it appears they do not care. Stop them how? The DA won’t file against them. Public appeals fall on deaf ears. The only way now is to vote with our feet. And plenty of El Pasoans are doing that by moving away. I’ll be doing that in a few months.

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  2. Pollster says:

    Margo or Leeser? How will you vote?


  3. chico says:



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