Choosing to be uninformed

Holthink published this post recently.

In it Mr. Holt makes a good point.

Years ago, when there were fewer ways to get entertainment, virtually all broadcast stations (radio and TV) featured the news at the top of every hour.

There was no point in switching stations because the news was on every station.

Now people can avoid the news by switching to something else.

Then again many of us have heard  “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed.  If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”  I would like to attribute that to the author but cannot figure out who might have said it.

“An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”–Thomas Jefferson

We deserve better


14 Responses to Choosing to be uninformed

  1. Anonymous says:

    They would just control the news to show what they wanted shown.

    Best example, currently there is an investigation by DHS/ICE/CBP regarding Veronica Escobar sending staff to Mexico to coach asylum-seekers who are to remain in Mexico to lie in order to obtain entry to the United States. Lying on federal applications is a crime. Committing fraud is a crime, and coaching people to lie about the language they speak and their medical needs is fraudulent.

    If you think that’s okay to do go amend your driver’s license or bank loan application to include false information that increases the likelihood of obtaining a favorable result. See how that works out for you.

    Not a single local news network has this story on their website.


    • JerryK says:

      My favorite false information was Sen. Warren’s assertion on her law license applications in several states, Texas included, that she is a native American. A mosquito in New Mexico has more native blood than Pocahontas.


      • Gone Native says:

        Jerry, i lied on my last census and said i was native american. The census sent a lady out to check on this and she told me that i didn’t look native american and my last name was a gringo name. I then told her to follow me in my car down the road to my favorite bar and after about 3 drinks i would show her just how native american i was when i lying on the floor.


  2. John Dungan says:

    Anon: And, there you go again. Always first with your unfounded allegations and wild accusations. How do you know this stuff, but no one else seems to? Beyond that, why do your comments always have to be an attack on someone or something, and off topic?? This post is about the loss of proper news sources, and an uneducated public! It has nothing to do with whatever pet peeves you carry around.

    That said, I do believe that our free press is on its last legs, as news print is all but dead, and – let’s face it – few people really listen to the radio, and television news is just a shadow of what it once was. Meanwhile, Brutus’ quote probably came from Mark Twain, but it is very close to something that Will Rogers once said.


    • Anonymous says:

      He knows it because media outside El Paso is reporting it. Another interesting factoid is that KVIA did a great story on the detention centers. Their reporter went down toured and actually did a great job of myth busting on some of the claims being made by folks who only visited a conference room. Then we had the massive Dem presidential candidate media spin on how horrible things are and KVIA made their reporter’s fair reporting story disappear. Stories that appeared in the same timeframe stayed up. It’s sad. I wonder how long he’ll last here.


      • Rich Wright says:


        New pictures show “dangerous overcrowding” at Border Patrol facilities in Texas

        By Camilo Montoya-Galvez

        July 2, 2019 / 3:42 PM / CBS News

        The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) internal watchdog found squalid conditions in several detention centers for migrant families and children in Texas, including “serious” overcrowding, minors going without hot meals for days and detainees begging not to be returned to their cells, according to a new report released Tuesday.

        The DHS Office of Inspector General publicly released its findings — along with photos documenting the overcrowding in detention cells — on Tuesday after it conducted inspections of five Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities in south Texas in June.

        “We are concerned that overcrowding and prolonged detention represent an immediate risk to the health and safety of DHS agents and officers, and to those detained,” the report said.

        Is the DHS spouting fake news?

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    • Anonymous says:

      i read the same thing two days ago. her office is being investigated and if you don’t care what she does then just say that. everything you don’t like is a lie or racism. hitler made similar proclamations


    • Anonymous says:

      so talking about an elected official helping people commit crime is a “pet-peeve” and a “personal attack”?

      my point is that there does not exist a “proper news source” to fairly report the news, especially in el paso, texas

      100% on-topic

      it seems that attacking me is what you prefer to do, so maybe take your own advice or continue being a hypocrite. if you can attack me, and i am not a public figure, why can i not have opinions of politicians i disagree with?

      demanding everyone agree with you is dictatorial in nature


    • Anonymous says:

      you attack this guy virtually every time he posts. personally attack him, rather than debate what he posts.

      personally, I also think Robert francis O’Rourke is capitalizing on that which he is not: Hispanic. why should he get a free pass using the nickname “beto” and speaking Spanish at political events? he even campaigned in mexico as part of his campign to become president of the united states.

      Robert francis O’Rourke is not Hispanic; did not grow up in the barrio’ doesn’t speak Spanish correctly, as someone who grew up speaking Spanish should; attended ivy league college; has had a distinctly “white” life from birth until now, yet for some reason he gets to pass himself off as somehow Hispanic?

      I bet every Hispanic nanny who cares for a rich child nicknames them something from Hispanic culture, but those children don’t run around claiming an entitlement.

      not only is mr. O’Rourke not Hispanic, he isn’t qualified to be president of the united states.

      yet you seem to think mr. O’Rourke is above criticism and that anyone who disagrees with you is of bad intention and character


  3. You Don't Get to Choose What Others Do says:

    Ahhh yes, the good old days.

    It’s really humorous that Tim is demanding more news on traditional radio and tv when people have greater access to news than ever before in history. While today people can avoid the news by switching to something else, they also have the ability to get the current news instantaneously 24/7 on their phone. Every major news organization is online. If some people CHOOSE to get their “news” from social media and partisan news organizations, that is the fault of the individual. If people CHOOSE not to subscribe to a newspaper or even look at free news online, the media cannot change that.

    If you want to be informed, you will be. If not, you won’t. Just because news airs on a station that someone is listening to doesn’t mean people are listening and comprehending. If every radio and tv station in America were to break for news at the top of the hour, there would still be a significant percentage of people who would opt to “tune out” and do something else, whether making a phone call or getting a beer from the frig.

    Some would like for EPISD to provide a great education the old fashioned way, but Tim thinks EPISD’s new ways are better. Times change. Tim doesn’t get to pick and choose which things change nor can he change the fact that some people do not care about the truth if it is inconsistent with their personal beliefs.


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