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14 Responses to Saturday open topics

  1. John Dungan says:

    So, I see that SCOTUS has OK’d pissing away a couple of billion dollars on more unnecessary wall. Watch how quickly that money disappears in exchange for very little wall.


  2. Love it or leave it, Right? says:

    Trump spent years complaining about how bad America was. Why didn’t anyone tell him to leave it if he didn’t like it? While on the topic, why don’t the people that don’t like El Paso just leave it?


  3. Anon says:

    There is a difference between not liking El Paso government and not liking El Paso. Most of the complaints posted on this blog have to do with how the city is managed and the impact that mismanagement has on people’s lives. Now that you mentioned it though, there more people are leaving El Paso than are moving in. A lot of others would leave, but cannot afford to move.

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    • Love it or Leave it, Right? says:

      I see. Sort of like how the four congresswomen are complaining about things and then being told by the Sentient Orange to leave the country if they don’t like it. Makes sense.


      • Anon says:

        I never said people should leave. Do not spin it. My statement about El Paso’s declining population due to out-migration is a fact. It was you who implied that people should leave if they are unhappy. While we are on the subject, Republicans complained about the country under Obama for eight years and he never told them to leave.


  4. Jerryk fan says:

    instead of all this bullshit why doesn’t congress pass a law or change or add an amendment to where only children of a U.S. citizen(mother only) is an American Citizen. Pass laws to change the Asylum seekers to apply at the embassy of the country they are passing through first to get here. That pretty much solves everything to the crisis at the border. The Dems wont do it because they think every person that can sneak in will vote for them whether its the right thing to do or not. To them the ends(power) justifies the means.


    • Fair & Balanced says:

      C’mon, Jerry, you’re a smart guy, so be objective. The Republicans also never did anything under Reagan or Bushes I & II because they love cheap labor and wanted to keep wages depressed for their corporate friends. To them, money justifies the means.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    We don’t have to sit quietly when the governance is inept. This is America, a lot of rights are being taken away, we still have our voices


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