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  1. Q says:

    Who is the woman who is rumored to be planning to run in the mayoral election?


  2. Anonymous says:

    UTEP’s QB was arrested in June for illegal possession of a firearm, possession of marijuana, driving while intoxicated and making terroristic threats. The threats charge was because he threatened to unload the weapon on a group of people. Someone is working on a deal for him to be able to plea down to misdemeanors. Now, UTEP has reinstated him on the team just in time for the start of Fall practice.


    • SEC Fan says:

      UTEP doesn’t have a good enough team to be jeopardizing their program’s reputation by protecting a bad apple QB like that. New coach must be an idiot.


  3. Dave Hendrix says:

    I have an idea regarding the Nike shoe fiasco, the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July featuring a logo of the original U.S. flag, the design of which by popular lore is credited to Betsy Ross, with 13 stars in a circle. Since Colin Kaperdick got them removed from the store shelves by reaching out to Nike saying that he and others felt the Betsy Ross flag is an offensive symbol because of its connection to an era of slavery.
    Why doesn’t Nike donate these shoes to our military men and women that are deployed in the Middle East? I’m sure they would be proud to wear them!


  4. WTF Are They Thinking? says:

    KVIA posted a news brief on its website about the active shooter at Cielo Vista Mall. It included a video, but when you click it, you get a promotional video for their Borderland Crimes podcast. Idiots!!!


  5. John Dungan says:

    Given the events currently unfolding here in El Chuco, and before the Mayor and Council start crying for mo’ money for public safety, I have a suggestion! Let’s finally ban all damn gunz, like other sensible nations have done! No gunz? No mass shootings! Can’t happen.


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      Yeah, John that works real well in Juarez. Guns are totally illegal in Mexico. No shootings there ever…


    • anonymous says:

      Dungan wants to make political arguments while people suffer.



      • John Dungan says:

        Political? So, you believe that gun control is just a political issue? I believe it to be a humanitarian issue, and a basic human right for those of us who are in the sights of these crazies. We have more right to live without fear than anybody else has to own a stupid gun!


        • Ticked off taxpayer says:

          John, “these crazies” is the right term and the root cause of the issue. We need to address mental health care more than gun control. Earlier this week, a guy in Germany started killing folks around him with a sword. I was in Tokyo when an out of work depressed man killed 9 people with a knife outside a subway station. After we ban guns, do we ban all sharp objects? In the 60s we started asking kids to give up their cap guns because those were too violent. Yet we allow first person shooter games that enable kids to isolate themselves in a room and romanticize their role in killing “bad “guys”. One Tom Clancy game even had those bad guys running around in Juarez. When you played with cap guns you did it with friends and moved on to a new game after that. Video gaming is often done remotely. Feelings of isolation can be intensified that way. Instead of immediately seeing banning guns as the solution let’s look to the more subtle root cause, lack of diagnosis of serious mental health issues and access to appropriate care.


        • anonymous says:

          Yes, political. You want a specific policy. Many people agree with you. May people disagree. This is a political question.


        • Why? says:

          I know which amendment of the constitution refers to the right to own a gun. John can you help me with which constitutional amendment refers to a right to live without fear?


    • JerryK says:

      Governments love unarmed citizens. It makes it so much easier to dominate them, kill them, round them up in box cars. Just ask an Indian how well it works.


  6. Dan Wever says:

    Cabrera hired Sept 2013
    Year Salary —————$ Raises % Raise Teachers
    2013-2014 $285,000
    2014-2015 $291,555 —-$6,555 2%
    2015-2016 $303,328——$11,773 4%
    2016-2017 $348,826 —–$45,498 15%
    2017-2018 $362,780 ——$13,954 4%
    2018-2019 $362,780 ——$0 0%
    2019-2020 $384,547 ——$21,767 6%
    Total since hired $99,547 35%
    Average annual raise 1st 5 Years equals–7%
    Superintendent contract gives him the same annual salary raise
    that the teachers receive
    Note: January 2016-2017-EPISD Board of Trustees awarded
    Superintendent Cabrera a 15% salary increase and increased
    his vacation days from 20 to 35 days and he was given 20 extra sick leave days he gets 5 State days and 8 EPISD employee days
    Also a one time 20 days sick leave was given to him.

    The Superintendent’s contract also says that any unused Vacation
    will be purchased back by the E{ISD by July 30 at his current daily rate
    ————Days Paid in Lump Sum
    Vacation ———– If not taken
    2016-2017 35 $54,022
    2017-2018 35 $56,183
    2018-2019 35 $59,554


    Employee Benefit Stipend $30,000 per year
    I have no idea what the above represents except extra money for Superintend Automobile allowance $18,000
    Home office phone $14,400
    Disability Insurance $8,488
    Million-dollar Term Life Insurance $2,355
    Teacher Retirement System $25,300
    Savings Annuity $20,000
    Health Care costs Unknown but paid for 100%
    35 Days vacation most districts give 20
    20 Leave days most just give normal administration number
    Also all of the money he spends on his civic and other duties
    cost big bucks. He has a $60,000 travel allowance and
    last year he spent over $90,000 on dues to organizations.

    One bit of advice for other school districts possible looking for a new superintendent, make sure they have their superintendent credentials and are not lawyers! 😦


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