Bully or dummy or both?

It’s another sad day in El Paso.

Our city council met Tuesday to consider ousting one of its members.

The charge?

Evidently there was a Facebook post where a picture of the council member was shown.  The title of the page was “Cassandra Hernandez for Mayor of El Paso, Texas”.

The issue here will come down to details.

Did the council member participate in the creation of the page?

Did the council member authorize the publishing of the page?

Unfortunately many of our city council members are ignorant of the laws controlling their offices and the city government.

If our mayor continues to try to oust her this will probably end up in court.

We deserve better


18 Responses to Bully or dummy or both?

  1. Tim C says:

    The applicable statute is clear. She publicly declared


    • City Cynic says:

      She declared nothing. We do not know who created that page…and Facebook pages can be hacked…meantime, let’s keep in mind that this little caper will cost us at least $100K for a special election. But who cares, it’s just taxpayer money to make Mr. Margo feel good…


      • Tim Collins says:

        It wasn’t hacked. She admitted one of her staff did it.

        If the council follows the law quickly the special election would be in November at no additional cost


        • But if her staffer did so without her authorization, SHE did not declare. This is another example of just how petty this city clowncil is and how low they’ll go to have a little social clique. It’s shameful and should not be tolerated by we the people.

          Oh, and keep in mind, her staffer could have been paid by any number of people to post that announcement up to and including the mayor himself. If this were a grand jury and this being the only evidence, there would be no indictment.


          • City Cynic says:

            Excellent comment, thank you John! At a minimum there should be a standard for campaign announcements that require the candidate to stand up in a public place and state her/his intent to run for X office, recognizing that this will trigger an automatic resignation. That would eliminate this kind of caper.


          • Ticked off taxpayer says:

            If an employee drives drunk and hits a pedestrian while driving a company vehicle, the company is held liable even though they likely have a zero tolerance policy for drunk driving and certainly didn’t authorize it. Why? Because the employee is considered an “agent” of the company. If a politician’s staff member with access to her social media account changes the banner to “test” the market by putting up a Hernandez for Mayor banner, the politician is also responsible for the fallout. You don’t do something like that unless you are either testing the water or preparing to rollout campaign materials. Pretending a staffer trusted enough to have the social media passwords for changing the top banner did it without authorization shows an inability to manage a team and accept responsibility for the consequences of bad decisions.


  2. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    The news originally said her campaign manager put it up. It that is the case, she is responsible and when you have a campaign manager intent is there. And why do we want to suddenly defend her? Our City Council is robbing us blind. Good riddance.


  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s it? She put a photo, “Selfie” on Facebook, thinking about running for Mayor? Hell I thought she might have made a GOOD decision about something ( put POLICE on the STREETS) for the City, taxpayers of El Taxo and they try to force her out?. Maybe Hizhonor the Mayor, his Clown Council should try making GOOD decisions for US sometimes.. ALL of them , including the Mayor, except for Sam Morgan and the other person that voted AGAINST their current tax increases, should be kicked out next election. What is their claim to fame? What have THEY done for US. But all WE get from THEM is lie, deny, deceive, hide, cover up. If Ms Hernandez runs for Mayor , has a good plan, platform FOR the PEOPLE, then I would vote for her.


    • I don’t disagree with the spirit of your statement. I do, however, want to point out that Morgan and Rivera voted against the budget knowing full well that there was a supermajority already in the bag to override the mayor’s veto, which, by the way, was ALSO a false veto for the same reason. All three are up for reelection so naturally they want to appear to be FOR the people, which of course couldn’t be further from the truth.


  4. David Nevarez says:

    So would you say a certain “blogger” would be sabotaging Ms. Brown. If you go thru his postings you begin to see a trend.

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  5. The strangest thing is that she would be eligible to put her own name on the ballot in the special election.


    • anonymous says:

      Not really.

      She is not banned from office, she inadvertently resigned.

      Council is required by law to schedule an election.

      If she wants to still be on council she can run and District 3 constituents can decide


  6. Theorist says:

    Maybe this is Margo’s way of pushing her to run for mayor in hopes that she will take some votes from Leeser.


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe she could take some votes from Margo. He has done nothing for US, just go along to get along with the Clown Council. Tax, waste, hide, lie, deny, deceive. Tax, waste, spend, increase taxes. If Ms Hernandez has a plan, an idea other than just increasing taxes, forcing taxpayers to buy stuff for El Taxo idle rich, then, I would like to hear her.


  7. Anonymous says:

    All of this soap opera might be resolved if some candidates which are for the people could be found. And then more than 3 % would have to turn out to vote. Someone creative, multinational, that didn’t just live to take other people’s money. Someone decent, that cared for the concerns of the people that live here instead of issues that only affect their little gang. Someone who wasn’t petty, vindictive, and limited. Who knows what our city could be? I know some have tried to sell us the past, really? I am a dreamer and a idealistic, I say, Give is someone who offers us a future. PS and lay off our homes


    • Anonymous says:

      If you want, expect all that in El Taxo, you will have to MOVE. Have been here 30 years and the only thing that ever changes, is the names of the people who TAKE from US, tax, waste, spend, increase taxes.


      • Anonymous says:

        I have also been here a long time, longer than you, I know around 1987 or so Woody Hunt worked with others well connected here in Texas to be able to harvest property taxes because god forbid the largest earners would pay anything. Only reason these guys can do what they want is people here could be better informed, too small voter turnout, and minimum wage earners have to work two or three jobs to support their families and are too tired for politics. The little gang thinks the home owners should pay for their entertainment as they can’t always be in San Diego or Florida or in the case of the Octopus, Mexico City. Hope dies last. Ya gotta believe in Magic❗️Maybe if people boycott downtown and all their businesses and hurt them economically like they are hurting us they might start to get the message. In any case, in my opinion, this little gang has no Mother.


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