Police back out on I10

Great news!

I’ve actually seen motorcycle policemen with radar guns working interstate 10 recently.

This is better


8 Responses to Police back out on I10

  1. Anonymous says:

    Every now and then, see a Motor Officer working Highway 54. With the speeders, reckless drivers, drunks on 54, this is very dangerous for Officers. The Mayor, Clown Council need to pay for GAS to put VEHICLES on the highways, streets. Station parking lots are filled, even NEW vehicles, NOT used. There are just few to no Police, Deputies on the streets. Not streets, neighborhoods, not highways, not school zones. The LAW Enforcement is left to DPS Troopers to pick up the slack of locals. UNTIL the NEXT mass murder, terrorist incident. They sit around the stations, at home, until “okay everybody get your guns loaded, vests on, put gas in vehicles, head out………………………” A “Re-Action Force”. When SECONDS count…………………Well POLITICIANS want MORE money..


  2. City Cynic says:

    Actually you do see police cars in neighborhoods – setting up ticket traps…”you only stopped 4.5 feet behind the stop sign and the rule is 5 feet, here’s your $200 ticket.” Guess they don’t get enough cash from that to fund the new HQ so taxes will go up.


    • Fed Up says:

      They set speed traps on a regular basis in my neighborhood. It’s an easy for them because they set up at the bottom of a long steep hill where people have to ride their brakes to avoid going over 30 mph. It’s bull****. But they never ticket jaywalkers on Mesa despite the number of people who have been seriously injured or killed jaywalking on Mesa.


      • City Cynic says:

        I see the jay-walkers every time I head up Mesa. Terrifying. Mesa is a state highway, maybe the rationale is that state troopers should take care of that.


        • Fed Up says:

          Maybe, but EPPD finds time to ticket motorists on Mesa. They choose not to ticket pedestrians on any streets. They prefer instead to build overpasses and underpasses which also will not solve the problem. People refuse to even walk 50 feet to a crosswalk.


  3. John Dungan says:

    I see nothing good about the use of radar got trap speeders. What we are lacking are plain old fashioned traffic cops! Cops in cars that are moving with the traffic, and therefore present to stop those unsafe drivers that we all encounter every day.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you, thank you, John D. Exactly right. That’s the way the Mayor, Clown Council, City “Manager” look at it. ” Well we had A cop on the street. What do people want”? Putting a MOTOR cop on I-10, highway 54 or the loop 375, is a suicide mission for OUR Police. It’s these dumbass politicians that have turned the Police, Sheriff Departments into a “Re-action force”. Something happens, they load the guns, put on the vest, gas up the vehicles and “Respond”. We look around, streets, highways, SCHOOL zones and we see DPS Troopers. The State, Troopers have picked up the SLACK for El Paso Police, S.O. And yet the POLITICIANS want mo money for a NEW building for Police? WHY, they need more break rooms? SIX minutes to “Respond” to a terrorist incident, mass murder? The killer was OUT of ammo and driving away before they arrived. This is all on El Paso POLITICIANS. And NEXT time…………………….


      • facts says:

        A national study of mass shootings found the average law enforcement response time to mass shooting was 10 minutes. So, six minutes was good. Response times almost always exceed the duration of the shooting.


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