Didn’t work out that way

Remember that ball park that would be paid for by hotel motel occupancy taxes?

That did not quite work out.

Take a look at the column on the far right of this chart:

In 2019 they project that 27% of the debt service will have to be paid with other sources of revenue.

We deserve better


13 Responses to Didn’t work out that way

  1. JerryK says:

    This is just the debt service, right? Doesn’t cover operating costs incurred by the city. Wilson’s legacy that keeps on giving – to the local uber rich.

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  2. Never Forget says:

    Remember when Josh Hunt delivered his speech at a city council meeting and said the Chihuahuas were a “gift” to the city from the Hunts and Paul Foster?


    • City Cynic says:

      And surprise! Josh is getting the 2019 Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame award! Tickets are available for the event if any of the readers have any spare cash after coughing up the taxes to operate the stadium for MountainStar…

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  3. anonyous says:

    once all the water parks open all of our problems will be solved


    • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂


      • Anonymous says:

        Yep, water parks. the touristas will be flocking to El Taxo to visit all the water parks. They’ll be coming from Marfa, Muleshoe, Fabens, Dime Box, Hobbs, Deming, Dallas, Houston, just to see WATER parks in a desert town with water SHORTAGES, WATER restrictions. And then they can see the lights downtown, the strange lights on the highway and then go home. East, West, North, South. And of course the touristas visited the “Safest City in America”. And the PEOPLE of El Taxo continue to watch, try to survive the tax increases to buy all the stuff politicians WANT.


  4. Anonymous says:

    It was all just lies, deceit, corruption by Mayor John CROOK and his Clown Council. Niland, O’Rourke, Noe, Lily, ALL of THEM screwed El Pasoans. They ALL sold US out to get MONEY, pay offs from the big and RICH, Mountain Star Sports. Their was not even an “Organization” named “Mountain Star Sports” until they moved into El Paso to take advantage of US “Stupid, ignorant peons”. Politicians, crooks ganging up to “Fleece the sheep”. Every thing else from John CROOK, Clown Council was lies, deceit.

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    • JerryK says:

      Beto wasn’t a council person at the time the stadium bond issue was voted upon. I’m sure he would have supported it but he wasn’t there to do so.

      As for Mayor Cook, I have doubts as to how much he was on board with it. You recall he did not sign off on the stadium vote immediately. His remarks later were that it was clear there was a supermajority that could override his veto, anyway and he was reluctant to go against the overwhelming will of the council.

      I have other information that suggests Wilson and the Shaplites orchestrated this behind his back. He said as much in private to a person I knew well then.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Well I kind of lost track of Beto Pendejo, but like you, I know he would have voted “For” it and against US. On a Friday, Cook said he needed “Awhile” to think about it. Then he voted “For” on Saturday morning. HE could have fought for US just a little bit, even if it made no difference. Cook, the Clown Council all voted against US to fill their own pockets. Just after that vote, Cook, Niland, all of them had campaigns to finance, so……..Just kind of surprised they didn’t say “It’s for the children”.


      • Ticked off taxpayer says:

        Keep in mind Beto is a Shaplite, as are all Community Scholars (Shapleigh’s indoctrination program). If that is on a candidate’s resume, I vote for someone else.


      • Fed Up says:

        Cook was on board. There was reportedly a closed door meeting with him when he was told to get on board and stay out of the way, that Mountainstar and Wilson had the deal wired. That’s what he did. He was as culpable as any single member of that council.


  5. Let’s not forget that they’re calling the H.O.T. revenue. It’s not. It’s an addition to an otherwise legitimate tax that’s targetted to help pay for that ball park. If we had the use of that additional tax money to do with it as should be done, we could promote El Paso tourism to a much greater extent and have outside money flowing into our city instead of a mortgage drain.


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