It’s Saturday.

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9 Responses to Saturday

  1. Chuy Johnson says:

    hello, i wanted to introduce myself. my name is Chiy Johnson. When i was a kid our cleaning lady said i looked like Jesus and started calling me Chuy. i want to run for el paso mayor and ask for the latino vote. orale!


  2. Welfare Cheese says:

    i voted for veronica escobar, love the “welfare cheese” she said chico’s tacos uses, and i would be happy to vote for chuy! viva la mexico! el chuco vote!


  3. Fed Up says:

    If you doubt that some developers and construction companies have special privileges in El Paso and are allowed to run rough shod over the rest of us, take a look at the Montecillo development on Mesa. The east side of Mesa where Alamo Drafthouse is located has been a problem for years. Alamo was opened years ago and the developer has never been made to provide proper drainage and buffers to handle the runoff. Whenever it rains that low spot on Mesa becomes a lake of mud and water causing traffic, safety and clean-up issues. As a result of this multi-year neglect, Mesa is crumbling in that area. Why have the developers been able to get away with this for years? They should have to pay for the damage their neglect has caused. TxDOT is getting ready to repave Mesa. The developers of Montecillo should have to foot part of the bill for repaving Mesa and they should be forced to fix the runoff problem before the Mesa project is started.


  4. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    It’s Sunday, but I’m going to vent anyway. I have a horse and trailer him around the upper valley area for events at various farms. I respect the fact that bicyclists also love those roads and have the right to use them (in spite of the fact that taxpayers keep having to build them lanes elsewhere—that’s a whole different rant). But lately I’ve been seeing a phenomenon I think should be illegal. Packs of bicyclists are pace training on these roads. Before you say no biggie let me tell you what that entails. They have a pace car with flashers, then about 10 bicyclists clustered in a tight pack, then another car with flashers all driving 20mph in a 50mph zone. When I’m trailering a horse and driving 20 mph behind them I have a choice: I have to hope that my truck and trailer can get around the equivalent of two semi trucks length of vehicles without traffic showing up in the opposite lane or I have to worry about the traffic on my tail that can’t see ahead and figure out why I’m doing 20 in a 50 that is going to pass me and then try to cut in front of me when they see how much is in front of me. Yes, bicyclists have the right to use and are entitled to a full lane, but when they turn it into a caravan that long and that slow they are creating a huge traffic hazard. Someone is going to get killed doing this. I wish the county Mounties would write a few tickets to discourage it.


  5. grout Line says:

    grout Line

    Saturday | elpasospeak


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