Bicycle plan

Part of the city’s published bicycle plan is to achieve silver level designation from the League of American Bicyclists.

Here is how we were last rated:

We deserve better


10 Responses to Bicycle plan

  1. Anonymous says:

    because we have such a robust cycling community. each day i see hundreds, if not thousands, of avid bicyclists who, for whatever reason, don’t actually ride a bike in el paso but require accommodations be provided by taxpayers. just in case.

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  2. Chuy Johnson says:

    If I were to be elected I promise El Paso will become the gold standard for bicycle-friendly municipalities across the United States. There is no amount of taxpayer money I am not willing to spend to achieve these goals.

    As our housekeeper used to say, “¡Esto es Loco! Andar en bicicleta o tomar el autobús, deja de hacer que te lleve a todas partes.”

    A vote for Chuy Johnson is a vote for fake Mexicans everywhere.

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  3. AAAnonymous says:

    El Paso should get the “Thorns and Stickers” award for the most thorns and stickers. Every bike ride requires tire repairs.
    I saw 2 people on those rental bikes last year downtown.
    What’s going on with that program now ?


  4. John Dungan says:

    Why can’t some people just be content with pointing out that geographically El Paso is not very compatible with the idea of bicycling as a primary means of transportation, while noting how poorly public transport does, and perhaps how not conducive to heavy physical activity the summer heat might be?


  5. With the changeable weather extremes from extreme heat to powerful sandstorms, the weather factor alone removes a great number of possible points. Then we have the tremendous urban sprawl. Even with a direct route to and from certain places, the sheer distance alone is prohibitive in most cases to go to college, or work, etc. We have 9% of our roadway network with bike lanes whereas the silver level requires over five times that. A silver level reqires 14% of our transportation budget be spent on bicycles whereas we only spend about 3%. I’m not willing to spend that level of tax money on a non-essential anything before our highest priority items such as motor vehicle carrying streets become completely in good repair and our police and fire departments are funded for adequate protection of our city.

    We should be worrying less about bike paths and more about fixing the roads that handle 98% of the traffic, namely those carrying cars, trucks, and buses. OUR CITIZENS ALONG WITH ELECTED OFFICIALS SHOULD LEARN MODERATION IN ALL THINGS AND SEPARATE WANTS FROM NEEDS.


  6. Bad stats says:

    Look at the stat on % of ridership and the stat below it about the number of accidents. We have four times the accident rate of the silver group yet ridership is far below that. Either we have a lot of serial accident prone riders or drivers who can’t figure out how to stop bumping into cyclist.


    • tickedofftaxpayer says:

      Those numbers have to be wrong. They are listed as a per week average. Do we even have 1585 bicyclists in El Paso? Although with some of the stupidity I’ve seen lately I can see how that trend could develop. In Upper Valley, they are doing pace training on two-lane roads on Sundays by having a pack of bicycles follow a 20 mph below speed limit pace car with flashing official looking lights with another car with flashing lights following behind. So, potentially 10-15 bikers could be in an accident at once if someone trying to drive the speed limit attempts to pass the equivalent of two semis length and encounters a car coming in the opposite direction. I fail to see why this magnitude of road hazard (this type of two vehicle plus bicyclists pace training activity) is legal. They aren’t sharing the road and they aren’t pulling over to the side to allow passing when more than three vehicles back up behind them (which used to be the rule for slow moving vehicles on two lane roads).


  7. Tom Busch says:

    We’ll never be like Portland until you guys get rid of your stinkin’ thinkin’. You’re holding us back. The creative class are just waiting for a progressive sign before they flood into town with their high falutin’ ideas and turn this dung heap into a high tech Mecca.


    • tickedofftaxpayer says:

      I think you have it reversed. Portland is developing the dung heap tent cities that have plagued the rest of the west coast. They would simply be trading one dung heap for another.


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