A thought about the bicycle riders

Daniel Lopez made this comment the other day:

We should register bicycle path users and charge a similar organized sports user fee like the parks department does for soccer etc.., after all there’s no such thing as a free lunch. 

Interesting thought

We have to obtain a drivers license in order to drive a motor vehicle on a public road.

Why shouldn’t bicycle riders be required to be licensed if they want to ride on public roads?

We deserve better


14 Responses to A thought about the bicycle riders

  1. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    I agree. I have to buy a license and have annual inspections on my vehicles and my horse trailer. Bicyclists are demanding disproportionate infrastructure and accommodations for their numbers in our community so I think it would be to see them contribute something back to justify the investment. Folks using every other amenity in town are supposed to pay.

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  2. Old Fart says:

    My grip about bike lanes, is they don’t get the actual use their outspoken proponents brag about. Basically council forces us to buy these underutilized bike lanes, while public safety needs get neglected.

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  3. Neither bicycles nor electric cars pay gasoline taxes, so they are riding the roads at the expense of cars which use petroleum. There needs to be a road use tax and registration system. The fee should be double for people in spandex, and triple for fat people in spandex. Heavy fines should be imposed on bicycles ridden side by side.

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  4. Chas Thomas says:

    And…be required to obey all traffic laws, just as any the driver of any other vehicle!

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  5. Rico Suave says:

    Any Driver/ Rider on the road needs to follow the rules…
    Common Sense


  6. Fed Up says:

    If you consider who some of the avid cyclists are, you better understand why these projects get funded.

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  7. Years and years of cyclists sharing the road with cars without having to mark off a separate lane and here we are with only a fraction of the bike lanes we’re supposed to have to be a silver city when it comes to accommodations for bicycles.

    I want to see the vast majority of street users served better by paving the streets first. Once that’s done, only then should we be spending additional monies on non-necessities such as painted bike lanes.

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  8. John Dungan says:

    Apparently very few of the readers of this Blog rode bikes when they were kids. And/or very few of the Blog’s readers have paid attention to the simple fact that most motorists give little or no concern for bike riders these days. I agree most with John B. Hogan, who points out that our streets need to be brought back into good shape before anyone should worry about painted bike lanes.


  9. Too old to Move says:

    My principal concern about the bike riders is their apparent belief that rules for motorized vehicles don’t apply to them, and many times at intersections riders just cross them as if they did not have to stop. It’s terrifying, especially at dusk.


  10. Anonymous says:

    How much is being spent on bike lanes? We need to know that in order to determine what should be done regarding bicyclists paying “their fair share”. I see maybe one bicyclist per day, which doesn’t justify even a fraction of the expense or the amount of road marked off for their use.

    This bicycle focus is like the “smart code” neighborhoods they were forcing a few years ago which was supposedly going to make everyone get rid of their cars and just walk everywhere or take a bus.

    I have news for anyone who doesn’t already know: Everyone walking or riding a bus wishes they had a car. Nobody enjoys wasting hours of their personal time getting to and from work/store/etc.

    Bicycles are not very practical on a daily basis if you have a job, and they are not very safe if you get hit by a car. Like a bus, you can’t take a ladder and tools on a bicycle, or drop your dog off to get vaccinated.

    The bike lanes are a wish-fantasy waste of money.


  11. Broken Car says:

    Fix the giant potholes in Mesa first.


  12. archaic578 says:

    Thanks to all of you for proving to me that climate change, caused at least in part by cars, will indeed inherit the earth and we people will be at it’s mercy. I am sorry for the sad future of the young people that we have left with this disaster in progress. To put it in context, we need a huge culture change to just even try to manage climate change. And it’s not going to happen. Our global civilizations will once again prove that hubris kills.The earth will be better without us.


  13. ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

    Why l’m not surprised that no one brought up the point that this can’t be affordably implemented? Let’s “save” $ by creating another bureaucracy. Hell, perhaps we’ll even start our own “Bicycle Police Force.” Their primary mission will be to ticket people who don’t have a licence/permit. l’m guessing that 5 year old doesn’t have a permit. So l’m going to ride my police bicycle next to him and tackle him to the ground. Bicycle path checkpoints! Yes, that’s the answer! Uh-oh, l’m coming up to a check point and l didn’t buy a licence. l better veer off this path. Try and catch me you bicycle Nazis!!! lf we’re “lucky” maybe up to ten people will buy a permit. BTW- archaic578, please do us a favor and lead by example. l’ll even do the eulogy for free. Here lies arch. He gave his life just so l don’t have to feel guilty when l pull up at a Whataburger in my Grand Cherokee. l’m going to almost miss that selfless bastard.


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      Well, since they are averaging 1585 bicycle accidents per week, I would think they could simply cite unlicensed bicyclists when they report their accidents. Assuming that statistic is real, of course….


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