Comments don’t require sign on

We saw some activity the other day from a reader who was complaining about his password to WordPress having to be reset multiple times.

It is not necessary to sign on to WordPress in order to make a comment.

Just follow the comments link below the post.

We deserve better



One Response to Comments don’t require sign on

  1. Chuy Johnson says:

    If you vote for me I will make sure each person has their very own password.

    You will also have to think and say only things that are approved by our central committee. If we don’t like what you think or say we reserve the right to assault you and to make every attempt to destroy your life in the name of diversity.

    You will assimilate!

    Unless you are an illegal immigrant. In that case you will be exempt from our laws and may rape, murder and or behave in pretty much any way you wish while we force taxpayers to subsidize your lifestyle.

    Next week we will publish a list of things you must stop doing in order to comply with our new green initiative, so please go ahead and install solar panels and wind-driven generators to prepare. Also, get rid of your vehicles. And stop being hateful religious bigots. We will publish a list of things you are allowed to think and do with respect to religion, including mandatory donations to your nearest abortion clinic.

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