Double negatives

The city hired an out of town firm to conduct a study of our downtown parking situation.

You can read it here.

The print is very light and difficult to read.

We did find this gem:

The consultants wrote:

We found numerous instances of overly worded and bureaucratic language  throughout all sections of the El Paso Code of Ordinances.  The use of double negatives and confusing language makes reading and understanding the code very difficult for the average citizen.

According to plan

This is part of how the functionaries down at the city maintain their power.

Will this out of town firm ever be hired again?

We deserve better


6 Responses to Double negatives

  1. Non ducor, duco. says:

    It is called “Jargon” and it is how any group, Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Educators, Priests, maintain power over other groups: Speak in a language others don’t understand. Nothing new here.

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  2. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    I think is less a case of a power play and more a case of the individual writing the code speaking Spanish as a first language (probably because they were also writing a Spanish version at the same time). Sentence structure is different enough between the two languages that it is often difficult even for someone conversationally fluent in both languages to write well in their second language particularly in something specialized like city code documents. Most entities hire individuals trained in technical writing for those types of positions. It appears EP did not and once again taxpayers will pay extra to get it done right.


  3. AnonymousO says:

    Too bad we dont know what those double negatives are, and where they are, so we can take advantage of that.
    Spanish is different in the borderland, than in Mexico City, and different in Spain, and different in California.
    Now, when translated into English, then back into Spanish and then back in to English.
    Oh well . . . .


  4. Anonymous says:

    Now, Imagine the voting wordage we went thru several years ago, where voting FOR something was voting AGAINST something.
    And voting AGAINST something was actually voting FOR something.


  5. The ballot language on the Lost Dog Trail election was a case of backward wording and we have yet another one coming up concerning not ever allowing a state income tax in Texas.

    We should get my third grade English teacher to write these things. She was a tough cookie that really knew her stuff.


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