Not true

Here is another example of the poor legal work being done by our city attorney’s office:

The majority of qualified voters did not approve bond issuance.

Only 8% of the qualified voters bothered to vote.

Of the 8% that voted 59% were in favor.

That means that 4.7% of the qualified voters voted to approve the bonds, not the majority of the qualified voters.

We deserve better


14 Responses to Not true

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is appropriate language in TodaySpeak.

    Take heart my Demokrat comrades, other people will move here who will be happy to pay high taxes.

    High taxes will be the attraction that finally turns Texas blue, all we need to do is make the whole state raise taxes to the same level as El Paso and our Demokrat brothers will flock here in droves to pay more money to the government as only a Demokrat understands is necessary. All of the 2016 Demokrat candidates said that people wanted to pay higher taxes, and the 2020 candidates are taking that up several notches.

    2020 will be the year of the Demokrat! And increased spending for El Paso. We deserve it!


  2. We don’t deserve better if we don’t ALL do our part. THANKS ALL THE REMAINING 92% OF LAZY-ASSED EL PASOANS WHO DIDN’T VOTE.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Always have thought that elections, votes were RIGGED in El Taxo. That elections, votes for Bonds, whatever come out exactly as the POLITICIANS, Public Officials want them to. THEIR ball field THEY scammed, FORCED us to buy for the idle rich of El Taxo. The Parks, Arenas, golf courses, whatever THEY want ALWAYS wins, passes. Want to guess WHO will pay for the Cohen project?? I almost never TRUSTED that MY vote, anybody’s vote even counted in El Taxo. We see “Election results” and wonder “How the hell did that happen”? El Pasoans actually voted themselves another TAX INCREASE?? Actually not intelligent enough to count the “Zeros” on BILLIONS$$$, TRILLIONS$$$ in debt? That debt is on YOU, your family, your kids, their kids, on a RIGGED election to give POLITICIANS, their friends the idle rich of El Taxo, what THEY want. Inherent political corruption that’s El Taxo.


  4. Anonymous says:

    You know and anyone with intelligence know that the police and firemen is the ones who got the bond passed. All the rest of the voters were too busy to take time to know what was going on or they didn’t care.


  5. elrichiboy says:

    That poor dear City Attorney. She tries so hard.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean that they let some unqualified voters cast votes?


    • Anonymous says:

      Well yeah. In El Taxo that’s how the politicians get EVERYTHING passed in elections. ILLEGALS voting. Can’t read, write, speak ENGLISH. It’s just “Si or no”.


  7. John Dungan says:

    Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves! Instead of discussing the problem, and addressing the question posed by Brutus, y’all want to waste your time whining about misspelled political parties (which is not now, nor has ever been the case in El Paso) and their alleged (in your closed minds) agendas. The fact of the matter is that too few people in El Paso bother to vote, and that allows a very small minority to make very important decisions for all of us! How can we turn this around? What can be done to help change this?


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      And worse, we have a guaranteed voting bloc in public sector employment. Bond issues used to get promoted with a “for the children” pitch. Now it is for the teachers or for police and fire, so those unions can turn out their members. The reality is all bond issues are for the donors. EP has gone beyond political parties. We are owned by a handful of big donors lining their pockets thanks to complicit politicians in both parties. Public sector employees vote for job security. The rest of El Paso fits into one of three categories: educated voters who research the costs (a tiny minority), uninformed voters who vote based on flyer messages in their mailboxes and ads, and folks who stay home and don’t vote. The emotional voters can be swayed but you have to be able to outspend the big donors. So far, Leeser is the only guy who has been able to pull that off and he is a lousy manager so his administration really didn’t solve any problems. I really thought rising taxes would defeat this bond issue. The fact that they didn’t is really bad news.


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