Another city two step

It seems that senior city staff and our mayor don’t want to appoint a committee to oversee the use of the $413 million public safety bond.

You should recall that the city added this footnote to their bond literature:

Actual use of any approved bond funds will be determined by subsequent action by City Council.

Why don’t they want a committee of citizens to oversee the spending?

Could it be that they plan to divert the money away from police and fire needs?

City council is not managing the city manager well.  They need to exert their authority.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Another city two step

  1. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    This bond was done to cover the costs of their overspending. They don’t want a committee of citizens understanding how deep a hole they’ve dug.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Well in their “Defense”, maybe the Mayor, Tommy Gonzalez are taking everybody to Europe, Las Vegas and GIVE them a MULTI-MILLION$$$$ ALL expenses paid, for a “Conference”. And after THEY have blown-off all those MILLIONS$$, still NO Police working the streets of El Taxo. Routine, inherent CORRUPTION, misappropriation of TAXPAYER funds. Screw the PEOPLE politicians.. That’s just El Taxo.


  3. archaic578 says:

    And, if an oversight board is created, it will be managed by staff and administration in such a way that the board and public still won’t know what’s really going on, based on the City’s track record with other boards. If you don’t believe me, start attending some of the board meetings.


  4. Truth says:

    Your statement that council needs to exert its power infers that city council disagrees with Gonzalez. The truth is that with one or two exceptions, council, Gonzalez and the mayor are in lockstep agreement and share the same agenda. They all work for the same special interests. Even dissenting votes are or orchestrated to give political cover to certain members when they know they already have enough votes to get controversial items approved.


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