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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anyone in El Paso who doesn’t want to pay high taxes will be charged with Contempt of City Council. They are modeling themselves after the Democrat led House of Representatives.

    Anything they don’t like is a crime. Everyone they don’t like is a Russian operative.

    Soon, we will know who all the Russian operatives are in our community.

    Not paying your water bill on time will result in arrest for Contempt of Water Company.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I am always hearing people complain about their property tax they have to pay. I tell them if they don’t vote don’t squeal. It is a shame when only 7.53% of eligible votes pass what we have to pay for taxes! You know of course that the police and fire departments are the ones who got the last bond passed because they took the time to vote. So I have to feelings for those who don’t vote but yet want to complain. If they don’t want their taxes to go up then get off your lazy butts and vote.


    • anon says:

      Everyone on this board will say that they vote. In fact, they vote so much, that if they live in Ysleta, they will complain about voting for the taxes in EPISD. If they live in EPISD, they will complain about voting in Socorro. If they live in Las Cruces, they will complain about voting for the taxes in El Paso. If they live in Texas, they will complain about the taxes in New Mexico.


      • JerryK says:

        And if you think it’s bad here, it’s much worse in the UK where I expressed my extreme displeasure at their high taxes to HRH 🙂


    • Mathematician says:

      If you look at it mathematically, those on this blog need to accept the fact that the majority of voters and the majority of elegible voters in El Paso are okay with the way El Paso works. By not voting, people are saying they are okay with higher taxes, poor quality of services, and how tax money is being spent. When the majority of the those who vote, vote for higher taxes and increased debt, then they too are okay with things. It is unlikely that this will change.


    • Andre says:

      Not every tax payer is able to register to vote in El Paso as my primary residence is outside of El Paso County. I am however a property owner and I do pay property taxes. So unless the law is changed to where a property owner can register to vote and vote on all tax related items on a ballot…


      • Ticked off taxpayer says:

        You still have a vote. It’s called a for sale sign. Buying investment property in a high tax location is always a bad idea.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Inspired Mr. Margo, it is who you know that will enable you to create the relationships that will bring you money. Insiders know who all the players in and out of the city are. When the interests are money and only money, what is created is something we can live without. Money is a force and must be used properly. I think it is so ironic that Adair Margo would pander for her husband, that she wrote that article in the paper defending the unethical behavior of the oligarchs here. I detest liars especially when their agendas hurt so many. If the supposed leaders with only money on their minds would get out of way and let the educated young bloods have a chance (most of the oligarchs are 70 and counting anyway ) use what we have (which is a lot historically, geographically, culturally , demographically ) and tell the truth about ourselves we would be successful. Money for money’s sake will never win. Look at the history of the world. Just look what the leadership of this city has created. A sinkhole city, this is a technical term. The people who don’t vote are just as responsible as the oligarchs. I am ashamed of the Margos. Their history is here, they will be remembered for a long time for the debt and lies which is their main legacy. I am praying for a miracle


    • JerryK says:

      Praying implies you are expecting the Sky Fairy to answer and help. You can’t fight the current situation in its own energy. If you engage the oligarchs they will bury you with their superior funding and organization. Just remember, it was the young progressives – the Shaplites- 10 years ago who really got us into this debt situation.

      In the new year I will be announcing a series a forums that will deal with the issue of civic engagement but on a different level. I call it “alternative urbanism” or the “city under the city.”

      I hope to help identify the leverage points where engaged citizens can make a difference without directly confronting the political power structure, which should please them, too.

      We will explore topics like the narratives we tell ourselves about the city and how changing the story can sometimes change our reality. Other alternative urban constructs will consider the role of elders and eldership in the community; the collective Commons, and how we have been colonized with our own permission; models of sustainability; the sense of place and the power of localism; the urban shadow and other qualitative ideas.

      If these forums are well-received then I will post transcripts of their findings here on this board, Brutus allowing.


    • Pragmatist says:

      You can pray, but God has more pressing matters, especially considering that this is a situation of our own making.


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