Truth in advertising

City staff recently made a presentation to city council on their new Strategic Regional Marketing Plan.

I think that their logo is kind of clever.

They start with the fact that three cities dominate the region:

Then they join them into one combined presentation:

In the spirit of truthfulness maybe the white square in the middle should be black to represent the economic black hole that we live in.

Their subtext could include:

  • Spend a night in El Paso, we have the highest hotel motel tax rate in the state of Texas.
  • Buy a home in El Paso, we have the second highest homestead property tax rate of the 50 largest cities in the United States
  • Come to Juarez, most people don’t get killed

Las Cruces is looking pretty good.

We deserve better


One Response to Truth in advertising

  1. frater jason says:

    I hardly ever get killed in C. Juarez! And the gas stations still have free air/water.

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