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  1. Anonymous says:

    Comrades, we are at an important time in our lives and for the future of our country. Join the Democrat party in a fundamental transformation of our country. Some of the most popular Democrat tenets are:

    Capitalism is a failure.

    Individual wealth is a blight on the American dream.

    Climate change will kill everyone and destroy everything on the planet Earth if we don’t stop using fossil fuels within the next 12 years.

    Undocumented immigrants have a right to free healthcare and free education. They should not be detained at the border for any reason.

    Free speech enables fascists to spread hatred.

    Antifa is a force for good. Sometimes you must get violent when people believe differently from you.

    All guns in America should be confiscated.

    All drugs should be legalized.

    President Trump needs to be impeached at all costs. Everyone around him should be publicly castigated. That is the American way.


    • JerryK says:

      You forgot reparations. Like, if your family emigrated legally here in, say, 1910 (my grandfather), you’re responsible for slavery and slaughtering the Indians and should pay for it.

      Mayor Buttigieg (does the Universe have a sense of humor or what) says we should give the illegals $100K per head reparations for their inconvenience entering the USA illegally.


  2. John Dungan says:

    Compadres, we are at an important time in our lives and for the future of our country. Join the Anonymous party in a fundamental transformation of our country. Some of the most popular Anonymous tenets are:
    Capitalism is the most wonderful thing every invented.

    Individual wealth should be the goal for every American.

    Climate change is a hoax invented by haters of everything conservative.

    Undocumented immigrants have no rights of any kind, and must be detained and imprisoned at the border, if not shot on sight.

    Free speech is bad for you.

    Antifa is a force for evil. Sometimes you must get violent when people believe differently than you.

    America needs more gunz.

    All drugs must be banned.

    President Trump is the best and smartest and most wonderfulest we’ve ever had, ‘cause he’s all about ‘Murika First.

    See how silly that is? Convoluted thinking, conflicting positions, ideas and thoughts taken out of context. In a word? Stupid.


    • correction says:

      They want to outlaw all drugs except those sold by capitalist white dudes in suits who employ lobbyists and members of congress as consiglieres.


    • Anonymous says:

      Name a single thing I posted that has not been stated by a Democrat running for President.

      You can’t, because that’s where the points came from. Democrats, running for President.

      Are all Democrats as dishonest as you are? Or do you simply think that by deflecting what your party is about somehow makes what they say better?

      lol@you. Hate and lies are all you have left, and you hate everything you disagree with.

      What a miserable life you must have to be angry about someone posting ACTUAL Democrat talking points.


      • John Dungan says:

        And, there you go again! Making assumptions about someone you do not know! Read my lips! I am NOT a Democrat! Just because I am liberal in my beliefs, and just because I vote for more Democrats than others does NOT make me a Democrat! Speaking of miserable lives, I just bet yours is a doozy. And, before I forget, please be informed that if a candidate said those things, that does NOT make THEM socialists. But, then, as I’ve said before, you do not know what socialism is, anyway.


        • Anonymous says:

          The desire to eliminate capitalism doesn’t make a candidate who calls themselves a socialist a socialist. That is quite some logic you have there.

          With that kind of magical thinking there is literally no problem you cannot solve. No wonder AOC is so popular, people like you think her plans are rational. The Green New Deal suddenly becomes affordable, just because. Medicare for All really can be free.

          lol. “Just because I am liberal in my beliefs” and “vote for more Democrats than others” is almost the exact definition of a Democrat.

          If you vote for Democrats often, why would my original post offend you? All of those things were said by various Democrats on national TV. You are bound to have heard at least some of those points made by the candidate themselves.

          I fail to see the pain point for you, other than maybe you don’t like the truth to be made plain.

          But then again, you defended Robert Francis O’Rourke every time I posted his name. So keep telling everyone you aren’t a Democrat.

          Tell them you are a Duck, instead. Quack quack.


  3. Old Fart says:

    JerryK, you brought up an interesting point reference ‘reparations.’ Specifically: “you’re responsible for slavery and slaughtering the Indians and should pay for it.”

    When this reparations crap comes up in meetings, attendees should ask for a show of hands from the audience, of those who have actually owned slaves in their life time. This kind of crap goes on because no one challenges it.

    Unfortunately, for readership or viewership purposes the media simply reports stuff like this. Now that we have 24 hour news’ channels its gotten worse, because they need to fill in air time so there is no dead space. A good number of these so called news’ analysists are dumber than shit.


    • anon says:

      You said that “for readership or viewership purposes the media simply reports stuff like this.” But if the media didn’t report a candidate’s belief in reparations, you would criticize the media for not reporting it. If you think a candidate’s ideas are outlandish, I would think you would want the media reporting it so that voters would know where the candidate stands on the matter. But maybe you would rather find out after a candidate is elected.


      • Old Fart says:

        Anon, good point! And it’s certainly interesting this long and drawn out political season, how some of these political candidates are so hungry for media attention, they are willing to promise every thing in the world.

        And as I said above: “When this reparations crap comes up in meetings, attendees should ask for a show of hands from the audience, of those who have actually owned slaves in their life time.”

        Possibly that’s a question the media might start asking meeting or political rally attendees.


    • Anonymous says:

      The goal is not to debate ANY of the current Democrat talking points, such as reparations. They simply make the statement, media amplifies it, and then they make a later statement that the idea has national support. They never really ask anyone individually, because individuals would not wish to make the financial sacrifice but might agree in principal.

      The secondary goal is that of castigation. Anyone who DISAGREES with their talking point immediately becomes an enemy of the “people”, those who stand to gain from the pandering statement and those who support it generally.

      Therefore, it can be stated that undocumented immigrants should receive reparations without fear of repercussion. Who is going to criticize? ABC News? lol

      Luckily, at some point in the near future, traditional broadcast networks will fade away into nothingness as technology overtakes the need for antennas.

      It already has, to some extent, but they will soon not transmit due to the costs involved, and the existing antenna structure will simply become moot, like 8-track tapes.

      Why? Your cell phone and ipad do not have antennas, and neither does your computer. No one alive in America today is constrained to obtain entertainment and news from a device in a single room that cannot be moved.

      Will things change, then? Yes, because people will only pay for things they like. Right now broadcast networks equate watching for free with liking. When it is no longer free the viewers will disappear. And, if you watch ABC News on your ipad, you know it isn’t free to you. You have to login using a cable account.


      • anon says:

        You seem to want to live in an echo chamber. Any individual or media outlet who disagrees with you or reports something you don’t like is considered by you to be an enemy of the “people.” Like it or not, yours is not the only opinion and you only get one vote. If you don’t like the media coverage, turn it off or take a valium.


        • Anonymous says:

          Prove anything I said wrong, then. All you seem to be doing is echoing what you think. My statements are based on publicly available information.

          The echo chamber exists on the left, and what you are doing is castigation of someone who disagrees with you.

          If what I say is meaningless, why respond each time I say something?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Any arguments for or against Margo, Leeser, Gallinar, and Carbajal?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Why America failed

    Capitalism Has Failed—What Next?

    The United States Was Failing Long Before Donald Trump

    What Wealth Inequality in America Looks Like

    How does income inequality affect our lives?

    Wealth, Income, and Power

    What Would Giving Health Care to Undocumented Immigrants Mean?

    California Is 1st State To Offer Health Benefits To Adult Undocumented Immigrants

    Buttigieg Says No Incarceration For Drug Use of Any Kind

    Elizabeth Warren Demands Protection For Trans Migrants

    The Case for Reparations (to Undocumented Workers)

    Socialism Is on the Agenda for 2020

    The Trump Presidency Is Our Second 9/11

    Republican Attacks on Abortion Don’t Send Democrats Running Scared Anymore

    Capitalists created the climate crisis

    California Is Burning—Nationalize PG&E

    How the Climate Crisis Is Killing Us

    Climate Change Is Becoming a Top Threat

    The Good News About a Green New Deal



  6. Anonymous says:

    it certainly looks like individuals of a certain party don’t understand the concept of free speech. democrats should realize that everyone gets to state their opinion. you don’t have to read it. you also don’ t have to make false claims about their comments. fyi, antifa are fascists, and all they want is to prevent free speech. their views align with democrats, yet democrats remain silent about antifa, because antifa attacks conservatives.

    this illustrates a fundamental dishonesty with the democrat party, that of inclusion and tolerance. you are only tolerant of those that agree with you. like antifa.


  7. John Dungan says:

    So interesting when unknowns argue with unknowns……Who’s on First?


  8. Tom Busch says:

    I’m personally very optimistic and excited. With all this crap there has to be a pony in here somewhere!


  9. Anonymous says:

    More headlines from Democrats:

    Female sperm donor helps transgender man give birth

    Jill Filipovic would lower the voting age to 16, raise the age to buy a firearm to 30

    People are pooping more than ever on the streets of San Francisco

    San Francisco’s Homeless Population Is Much Bigger Than Thought, City Data Suggests

    Proud dad tells how HE gave birth to a miracle baby


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